Pre-Painting Checklist: 5 Things You Can’t Paint Without

Painting-ToolsAre you planning a painting project in the near future? If so, you need to make sure you have the appropriate tools to do the job. Paint rollers and buckets may not be enough to paint your walls correctly. You need to make sure you are fully prepared before starting on any kind of painting project. Here are five things that no painter should be without:

  1. Drop cloths: These are thick, durable cloths that are meant to protect floors and furniture. You could also use butcher paper or plastic to cover your floors, but that may not provide as much protection as a drop cloth would.
  2. Painter’s tape: Painter’s tape can be used to prevent paint from bleeding into an area you do not want it to be. If you want to avoid getting paint on the ceiling, baseboard, etc., you may need to use painter’s tape to keep your lines crisp.
  3. Touchup brushes: These are small brushes that you can use for quick fixes on a paint job. If your painter’s tape pulls up some of the paint on your walls, you could use a touchup brush to replace the missing paint.
  4. Wall putty: Wall putty can fill in small holes that you want to paint over, like the nail holes from pictures on your walls. If you want the paint to look as smooth as possible, you need to have wall putty on hand to fill in the gaps.
  5. Towels:You are going to get messy, so you need to have some towels on hand to wipe up any spills you may have on accident. You can also use these to blot away paint drips and wipe your hands when they get paint on them.

If you have these painting tools with you every time you go to start a project, you should have no problem getting through it with ease.

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