The 21 Best Benjamin Moore exterior Paint Colors for 2022

Are you looking for paint colors for your home exterior? With so many colors to choose from it can be hard deciding where to start but don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place! Here you’ll find the best Benjamin Moore exterior paint colors to inspire you as you search for the perfect paint color for your home.

Whether you want a classic neutral or a trendy shade in a modern color, you’re sure to find some inspiration on this list. Let’s get started.

The 21 Best Benjamin Moore exterior Paint Colors for 2022 1

Best Benjamin Moore Exterior Paint Colors – Creamy Whites

White paint colors are a classic choice for your home exterior. White is fresh and inviting and never goes out of style. A fresh coat of paint in a lovely white shade can really brighten up the look of your home giving it a clean, crisp look.

White goes with many different design styles from farmhouse to modern and everything in between. Check out some of the best Benjamin Moore exterior paint colors in white below.

1. White Heron

Our first pick for the best Benjamin Moore Exterior Paint Colors is White Heron. White Heron is a clean white with subtle cool undertones. With an LRV (light reflectance value) of 86.69 it is light but not super bright and just slightly off-white.

Light reflectance value tells you how light or dark a paint color is. 100 is pure white and 0 is pure black. The closer to 100, the lighter the paint color and the closer to 0, the darker the color.

White Heron is the perfect choice for a white exterior that looks fresh and clean. It pairs very well with dark trim, especially black and cool gray.

2. Chantilly Lace

Chantilly Lace is a bright white with an LRV of 90.04. It is very close to a true white, with hardly any undertones.

The subtle undertones are very slightly warm. Because the undertone is so faint, the color reads as white, not cream or beige.

And because it is so neutral, Chantilly Lace is a very versatile shade. It pairs well with both warm and cool trim colors. To add interest, you could use a bold or vibrant shade of paint on your front door for a fun pop of color.

3. Butter Pecan

Butter Pecan is a warm off-white shade with slight peach and yellow undertones. With an LRV of 85.86 it is a medium-light creamy white color that feels sunny and warm.

Butter Pecan pairs well with other warm colors like brown, earthy greens, and deep red.

4. Winter Sky

Winter Sky is another creamy off-white shade. The undertones are slightly pink and orange, giving the color a warm peachy hue, especially in direct sunlight.

Winter Sky has an LRV of 82.34 making it the darkest shade of creamy white on the list. If you like off-white shades that are warm and not too bright, Winter Sky is an excellent choice.

Best Benjamin Moore Exterior Paint Colors – Earth Tones

Benjamin Moore Earth Tones

Earth tones have been growing in popularity over the last couple of years and we are seeing even more earth tones in 2022. Warm, earthy colors like tan, green, and deep red remind us of nature and can feel soothing and tranquil.

Using an earth tone can help your home exterior blend into the natural landscape or stand out, depending on where you live and which color you choose.

5. Rich Clay Brown

Rich Clay brown is a medium-dark shade of brown with subtle red undertones. The color is reminiscent of wet clay that will be made into pottery. It has an LRV of 15.93 making it a deep brown that isn’t too dark.

Black trim would look very striking against a Rich Clay Brown exterior, or pair it with a lighter shade like tan for a softer look.

6. Cushing Green

Cushing Green is a rich hunter green color. It’s a medium-dark shade of green with an LRV of 17.98 that can appear lighter or darker depending on the light.

If your house gets a lot of natural light, the color will appear lighter. if your home is more shaded, the color will appear slightly darker.

Cushing Green has subtle undertones that are slightly warm with hints of brown and gray. To bring out the warmth, pair it with creamy off-white or tan trim.

7. Dry Sage

Dry Sage is a beautiful shade of sage green. It has an LRV of 34.63 and strong tan and gray undertones.

Because the undertones are so strong, the green appears quite understated making it easy to pair with many other colors in both warm and cool tones.

Sage Green has been steadily gaining in popularity in recent years. Dry Sage is one of the best Benjamin Moore exterior paint colors for an on-trend color in 2022. It’s a lovely choice for an earthy shade that is both interesting and on-trend.

8. Carolina Gull

Carolina Gull is a lighter shade of sage green with an LRV of 27.41. It has strong gray undertones with a hint of brown and blue undertones as well.

It’s a perfect choice if you like cooler earth-toned paint colors. With the blue and gray undertones, Carolina Gull appears quite a bit cooler than Dry Sage. It would pair well with cool-toned neutrals like white and gray.

9. Alexandria Beige

Alexandria Beige is a medium grayish tan shade with an LRV of 29.03. It’s a dark beige with both warm and cool undertones of brown and gray. The color has a cozy feeling like warm, toasted almonds.

Alexandria beige reads mostly warm, especially in outdoor light, but can look cooler depending on what you pair it with. Because it has both warm and cool undertones, it pairs well with all kinds of colors. You could pair it with other warm colors on your trim to bring out the warmth, or use cool colors to bring out the gray undertone.

10. Crisp Khaki

Crisp Khaki is a medium beige with an LRV of 54.6. The color is honeyed and warm with yellow and brown undertones.

Crisp Khaki is a perfect neutral that pairs well with both warm and cool colors. It would look beautiful with dark navy trim or warm gray in a light or dark shade.

Best Benjamin Moore Exterior Paint Colors – Soothing Blues

Blue is a soothing color that evokes a sense of peace and calm. Blue comes in so many beautiful shades from dark and moody to light and airy.

Muted blues with brown and gray undertones work very well for home exteriors and can bring a fresh, clean look that is natural and calming.

11. Van Deusen Blue

Van Deusen Blue is a soft shade of navy with subtle gray undertones. It has an LRV of 11.97. Depending on the light, the color can look darker or lighter. If your house gets a lot of natural sunlight, the color will appear slightly lighter. If you have more shade, the color will look darker.

Van Deusen Blue pairs very well with crisp clean whites and light gray. It would also look striking with black shutters and trim.

12. Marine Blue

Marine Blue is a deep, rich navy with a very slight gray undertone. It has an LRV of 6.15 making it the darkest color on our list of the best Benjamin Moore exterior paint colors.

To brighten up the dark blue, pair it with white or light gray trim. To create a moody look, use black or dark brown trim to create a dark, luxurious color palette.

13. Beach Glass

Beach Glass is a medium blue with an LRV of 49.7. It has strong gray undertones with a hint of green. It’s a beautiful color with a subtle coastal vibe.

Beach Glass is an understated blue that can learn more gray in certain light, especially on cloudy days. With a lot of direct sunlight it will look bluer and less gray.

To bring out the blue color, pair Beach Glass with neutrals like white, gray, and tan.

14. Appolo Blue

Appolo Blue is another grayish blue color with a hint of green undertones. It is quite a bit darker than Beach Glass with an LRV of 23.7.

This soothing shade would pair well with either dark or light trim, depending on the look you want to achieve. The gray undertone is strong, making the color function almost as a neutral.

Oasis Teal

Oasis Teal is a beautiful, rich teal color. It has an LRV of 9.37. The blue-green shade has strong green and subtle gray undertones.

Oasis Teal would look especially nice if you live in an area with a lot of evergreen trees around. The dark teal color is a beautiful complement to dark green that blends in without disappearing altogether.

Best Benjamin Moore Exterior Paint Colors – Shades of Gray

Gray is a classic neutral with timeless appeal. Color trends come and go but gray is one that has been around for a long time and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon!

There are so many shades of gray from dark to light and warm to cool.

Kendall Charcoal

Another of our favorite Benjamin Moore exterior paint colors is Kendall Charcoal. Kendall Charcoal is a medium-dark gray with an LRV of 14.61. It has quite a few different undertones making it easy to pair with just about any color.

It is in between cool and warm, with green undertones being the most prominent. It also has a subtle brown undertone. Direct sunlight will bring out the warm undertones.

To bring out the warm undertones even more, pair Kendall Charcoal with warm trim colors like light tan, creamy white, or greige.

Coventry Gray

Coventry Gray is a neutral gray with a slight blue undertone. It has an LRV of 48.18 putting it solidly in the medium gray category.

It is a true gray with very little undertone. In most light the blue undertone doesn’t stand out much, making the color appear classic gray.

If you want a classic, medium gray Coventry Gray may be the perfect color for you.

Classic Gray

Classic Gray is a very light shade of gray with an LRV of 73.67. It’s light enough to function as an off-white, especially when painted on an exterior that gets a lot of bright sunlight.

The undertones are slightly yellow and brown making for a warm gray that leans almost toward greige.

For a bright and fresh look, pair Classic Gray with other light colors like white or light blue.

Stonington Gray

Stonington Gray is one of the most popular grays from Benjamin Moore. It’s a medium-light shade with an LRV of 59.36.

The undertones are soft blue and green making Stonington Gray a cool gray shade. It’s a beautiful, soft gray that looks cozy and inviting.

Best Benjamin Moore Exterior Paint Colors – Sunny Yellows

Yellow is such a fun, cheerful color. A yellow home exterior makes your home look inviting and approachable. Yellow isn’t for everyone, but it can work surprisingly well and look beautiful in the right setting.

Try one of these pretty yellow shades to make your home stand out in a good way.

Sunny Days

Sunny Days is a classic pale yellow with an LRV of 64.03. It’s a medium shade that will appear brighter in natural light.

It has a very subtle orange undertone that gives it that sunny glow. Sunny Days is the perfect yellow for a bright, cheery exterior. Pair it with dark gray or brown to soften the yellow, or use white trim to keep everything bright and fresh.

Sunflower Fields

Sunflower Fields is a deep yellow with an LRV of 49.07. It has a slight earthy orange undertone that keeps it from looking too bright.

This color is certainly not one to blend in. If you like vibrant colors, Sunflower Fields may be just the right color for you!

Final Thoughts on Best Benjamin Moore Exterior Paint Colors

2022 certainly has some great paint colors to choose from. Which of the best Benjamin More exterior paint colors do you like best? Whether you want to keep it classic or go for something exciting, a fresh coat of paint can make your home exterior look beautiful and up to date.

If you’ve decided on a color and you need help choosing the best type of paint, check out this article on the best exterior paint. If you’re wondering when is the best time to paint the exterior of a house, this article has some helpful information for you.