The 21 Best Benjamin Moore Interior Paint Colors For 2022

Are you looking for paint color inspiration for your home interior? Here you’ll find the 21 best Benjamin Moore Interior Paint colors for 2022. Whether you’re looking for a classic neutral, a trendy blue, a modern shade of yellow, or something else, you’re sure to find it on this list.

In 2022, we’ve been seeing a trend toward subtle colors. Muted shades of red, yellow, and green have been popular as well as timeless neutrals like light beige and soft gray. Keep reading to find your perfect Benjamin Moore interior paint color!

Benjamin Moore Interior Paint Colors

Best Benjamin Moore Interior Paint Colors – Neutrals

Neutrals never go out of style. They are timeless shades that work well with many different design aesthetics and are appealing to a wide variety of people. Neutral shades provide a perfect background for decorating your home in your favorite design style.

1. Natural Linen

First on our list of the best Benjamin Moore interior paint colors is Natural Linen. Natural Linen is a warm, creamy off-white shade with yellow and tan undertones.

The color appears slightly different depending on the light in the room. In rooms with a lot of natural light, the color looks more yellow. With less natural light, it appears more beige.

With an LRV (light reflectance value) of 59.84, Natural Linen is a medium off-white that is not overly bright but not quite beige. It is a perfect neutral color and pairs well with many other shades, especially colors with warm undertones.

2. Monterey White

Monterey White is another warm white color. This shade is a bit lighter than Natural Linen with an LRV of 75.33. The subtle, warm undertones add softness and keep the white from looking too harsh or stark.

White walls provide the perfect neutral backdrop for decorating. Monterey White is a lovely choice to create a blank canvas in your rooms to allow your furniture and decor to really shine.

3. Balboa Mist

Balboa Mist is a very pale shade of gray with subtle warm undertones. It’s a neutral shade of gray that pairs well with both warm and cool colors.

The color looks warmer in rooms with a lot of natural light and appears more neutral in rooms with less natural light.

It would work well in any room where you want to have a soft, subtle gray.

4. Edgecomb Gray

Edgecomb Gray is a warm greige color that perfectly blends beige and gray tones. The undertones are very warm and can look almost yellow with a lot of direct sunlight in the room.

Greige has been having a comeback in 2022. It was popular a few years ago before cool grays took over for a while. This year we are seeing more warm colors again, especially warm greige shades like Edgecomb Gray.

Greige pairs well with many different design styles. The warm undertones are cozy and homey while still being sophisticated and modern.

5. Silver Satin

Silver Satin is a cool off-white shade with an LRV of 74.9. The undertones are gray and slightly purple. If you want an almost white paint color that feels fresh and clean but not harsh, Silver Satin may be just the color for you.

Silver Satin pairs very well with other cool colors like gray, blue, and green. You can also pair neutral and slightly warm colors with it like tan, warm grays, and earthy greens.

6. Sea Haze

Sea Haze is a very light gray with a subtle green undertone. The color is reminiscent of white foam left behind after waves crash on the seashore.

The shade is slightly cool but not overly so. It’s neutral enough to pair with many other colors, including both warm and cool tones.

In natural light, the green undertone stands out making the color appear slightly seafoam. It’s the perfect choice to add a hint of a coastal look that feels modern and sophisticated.

7. Rockport Gray

Rockport Gray is a medium gray with an LRV of 36.61. The undertones are green, tan, and slightly purple. Because there are so many different undertones, the color can look very different from one room to the next depending on the lighting and what other colors are around it.

The purple undertone can cause the color to read as cool while the tan undertone brings out more warmth.

In a room with a lot of natural lighting and rich brown furniture, the color will appear warmer. In rooms with less natural light and a lot of cool colors around, it will appear cooler.

If you are looking for a flexible gray that looks good whatever you pair it with, Rockport Gray is an excellent choice.

8. Silver Lining

Silver Lining is a medium light, cool gray with strong blue undertones. The LRV is 58.22 making it quite a bit brighter than Rockport Gray.

The color is airy and light, reminding you of the sky on a misty day. It pairs well with other cool colors like blue and green, as well as dark, warm colors like rich browns and deep red.

Best Benjamin Moore Interior Paint Colors – Natural Green and Blue

Benjamin Moore Green

Green and blue have been very popular over the last several years and the trend is continuing well into 2022. Natural, subtle shades of blue and green have been especially popular.

Whether you want to embrace a coastal style, add some vibrancy, or bring an earthy green into a modern style home, natural shades of blue and green can make your home look relaxing, and on-trend.

9. October Mist

October Mist is the 2022 Color of the Year for Benjamin Moore and is definitely one of the best Benjamin Moore interior paint colors right now. It’s a pale sage green with gray undertones and a hint of brown.

The color works well with many different design styles like farmhouse, coastal, modern, and more.

The soft and subtle green shade functions almost like a neutral, making it a great base for pairing with other colors. It can fade into the background or stand out depending on what you pair it with.

10. High Park

High Park is a darker shade of sage green with an LRV of 30.43. The undertones are gray and slightly brown. The color is cool and deep while the subtle brown undertone gives it a touch of earthiness and warmth.

If you like the color but it feels too dark to put on all of the walls, you could try it on just one wall as an accent wall, or on the bottom half of the room underneath a chair rail with a lighter color on top.

11. Quiet Moments

Quiet Moments is a light blue-green shade with gray undertones. The color is calming and tranquil and can certainly inspire some quiet moments of rest.

Quiet Moments has a subtle coastal vibe that pairs well with many other colors. It would make a beautiful bedroom or living room color to help create a sense of calm and peace in the room.

12. Garden Path

Garden Path is a darker shade of blueish green that is somewhere between sage and aqua. With an LRV of 43.35, it’s a nice medium shade that adds depth and interest to a room without being too dark or overly dramatic.

The soft sage green color is very tranquil with its soothing blue undertones. It pairs well with other greens, brown, and gray shades. It’s one of the Best Benjamin Moore interior paint colors if you like slightly darker shades that aren’t too dark.

13. November Skies

November Skies is a medium sky blue shade with soft gray undertones and a hint of purple. The color is light, airy, and cheerful but not overly bright. The gray undertone balances the brightness and adds a hint of sophistication.

The soothing blue and hint of purple in November Skies makes a lovely combination that feels youthful and fresh while the gray undertone keeps it from looking too childish.

This shade would work very well as a kitchen color when paired with white or light tan cabinets. It also looks striking against black furniture and pairs very well with earthy browns and cool gray shades.

14. Beach Glass

Beach Glass is another soothing shade with hints of blue, green, and gray. The color reads mostly blue with strong gray and green undertones.

It’s a relaxing color that reminds you of a day at the sea.

With its strong gray undertones, the color is subtle enough to function as a neutral. If you like neutrals but you want a bit more color, Beach Glass is a great choice. The hint of color can add some life and interest to your interior walls.

15. Palladian Blue

Palladian blue is a very light aqua blue with gray and green undertones It is similar to Beach glass but it’s a bit lighter, with an LRV of 60.4, and it has more color.

In Beach glass there is a strong gray undertone, in Palladian Blue there is some gray undertone but it is more subtle. The blue-green color is much more prominent making the color appear much more aqua than gray.

Best Benjamin Moore Interior Paint Colors – Red, Yellow, and Purple

Subtle shades of red, yellow, and purple have been gaining in popularity this year. If a rich color seems like too much for an entire room, you could always try painting just an accent wall.

16. Pale Moon

Pale Moon is a soft, buttery yellow shade with an LRV of 76.31. It’s more yellow than beige but the color is light enough to be very subtle.

Pale Moon is soft and inviting, it’s definitely not a school bus yellow. The color is understated enough to fade into the background while still adding warmth and depth to a space.

17. Fresh Butter

Fresh Butter is another warm, buttery yellow. It’s a bit darker than Pale Moon with a slight orange undertone.

Soft Yellows are some of the best Benjamin Moore interior paint colors we’ve seen this year. Yellow is such a friendly and cheerful color. You can quickly brighten up any space by adding a soft yellow in a fresh, contemporary shade.

18. Wildflower

Wildflower is a deep red with undertones of pink and orange. The color is dark and rich and leans almost burgundy.

It’s an earthy shade of red that is very dramatic without being loud. It would work very well in a kitchen, dining room, or bathroom where you want to create a sense of drama.

19. Warm Sienna

Warm Sienna is an even darker shade of red with orange, pink, and brown undertones. The color is reminiscent of red clay in the desert and has a natural, earthy feel.

With an LRV of 16.81, the shade is quite dark and can add richness and depth to your interior rooms.

20. Hint of Violet

Hint of Violet is a subtle, light purple shade with a strong gray undertone. The color is subtle enough that it can almost work as a neutral. Depending on what you pair with it, the color will appear more or less purple.

When paired with a lot of vibrant colors, the purple appears more subtle and the gray undertone stands out. When paired with a lot of neutrals or warm colors, the purple stands out more.

Hint of Violet is a lovely color to use in a bathroom or living room where you want to add a sense of lightness that is unique and fresh.

21. Lavender Mist

Lavender Mist is another light purple shade. With subtle undertones of blue and gray, the color reads more purple than Hint of Violent.

Lavender Mist is a great choice if you want a true light purple that doesn’t look like a gray.

It looks dramatic when paired with black or navy, or soft and light when paired with white, tan, or silver.

Tips for Choosing an Interior Paint Color

With so many choices it can be overwhelming to find just the right shade. Here are some tips to make the process easier

  • Get some ideas by looking at online articles, design books, or magazines before heading to the store to look at paint chips.
  • Bring paint chips home and look at the color in the actual room where you’ll be painting it.
  • Try a paint sample before committing to a color to make sure it looks the way you expect.
  • Go with what feels good. Since you’ll be the one seeing the color every day, choose something you like that makes you feel good when you’re at home.

Wrapping up Best Benjamin Moore Interior Paint Colors

With so many great colors to choose from, there’s bound to be a color you love. Which of the best Benjamin Moore interior paint colors stood out to you? For more paint color ideas, check out {21 best Behr interior paint colors for 2022.} If you need help figuring out how to decide on a paint color, check out {how to choose a paint color for your home interior}