The Top 20 behr exterior paint colors for 2022

Picking a paint color for your house exterior isn’t an easy task, especially when you have so many different brands and color choices. Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams are popular paint brands among consumers, but another contender to consider is Behr Paints.

Behr is a manufacturer of premium quality paints, primers, and stains for interior and exterior surfaces. The brand offers a wide range of colors to choose from, and every choice can bring something unique to our house.

This article will bring you some of the best Behr exterior paint colors if you plan to repaint your home’s exterior in 2022. Before we start, here are some factors to keep in mind when selecting the best exterior paint for your house.


3 Factors To Consider When Selecting the Perfect Exterior Paint Color

1. Try Small Color Samples

Try small color samples that you’ve shortlisted when picking an exterior paint (or even an interior one) for your home. Popular paint brands such as Behr, Benjamin Moore, and Sherwin Williams offer peel and stick paint samples that give you an idea of how a fresh coat will look without painting your entire house.

With this list of the best Behr exterior paint colors you should be able to find a handful to test on your home.

2. The Color Should Complement the Neighborhood Color Scheme

It’s also good to look at the color palette of the neighborhood for some inspiration. While you don’t have to let other people’s houses dictate your decision, it’s better to pick an exterior paint color that will complement your landscape and natural surroundings.

3. Consider the Lighting

Lastly, when testing paint samples, check how the color looks during different times of the day. The color will look different when it gets direct sunlight and at night in artificial lighting, especially for paints with a flat sheen. Make sure to pick a paint color that looks good in natural and artificial lighting.

interior designer with color palette samples

20 Exterior Paints and Coatings by BEHR for 2022

1. Whisper White

If you’re partial to simple and elegant aesthetics, white paint colors are your best bet. All brands, including Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams, offer a unique white shade in their catalogs, and Behr is no different with its Whisper White hue. This not-so-bright white color gives your home a very clean-looking smooth surface that complements almost every type of architecture, and it’s also quite close to Benjamin Moore’s popular White Dove shade.

Check out Whisper White.

2. Sunwashed Brick

Sunwashed Brick feels like a fresh of breath air. The soft and delicate pink shade with dusty undertones goes well with neutral colors, especially white shades. It’s also one of the best accent colors for doors and house trim colors. Its versatility lets you achieve different color combinations, making it one of the best Behr exterior paint colors.

Check out Sunwashed Brick.

3. Breezeway

Breezeway is a minty, blue-green shade from Behr that gives your home a calming, tranquil vibe. Breezeway is a perfect color for houses surrounded by greenery. The elegant shade with subtle green undertones will suit houses on the coast and those with Victorian architecture. The paint also works well in accentuating exterior trims, patios, doors, and window frames.

Check out Breezeway.

4. Etched Glass

The Etched Glass paint is one of the best Behr exterior paint colors. The soft grey shade with blue undertones is delightful to the eye. This exterior paint is the perfect color if you want wood accents for your doors or window frames. It brings out the charm of natural wood surfaces and is a versatile shade for various exterior painting projects from your home walls to your porch or garage.

Check out Etched Glass.

5. Lunar Surface

Lunar Surface is another shade from Behr’s gray paint colors, this one being a deep gray with blue undertones. It suits coastal and beach houses with its subtle blue color. Cool whites or light gray accents work best with this paint as they give your home a refreshing and elegant vibe.

Check out Lunar Surface.

6. Nightingale Gray

Behr’s Nightingale Gray is one of Behr’s pleasantly warm gray shades that gives your exterior walls a homely vibe. The shade is best accentuated with other neutrals that bring out its elegance. White accents are the safer option, but you can also opt for black accents for a bolder look.

Check out Nightingale Gray.

7. Studio Clay

As the name suggests, this shade is comprised of warm, earth tones that give home exteriors a friendly, welcoming, and natural color. It goes well with contemporary suburban houses; however, it can also be used for other architectural styles. It’s a popular color among consumers since Benjamin Moore, and Sherwin Williams offers this shade in their catalog.

Check out Studio Clay.

8. Corn Stalk

If you want to add a pop of color to your home’s exterior without making it too bright and vivid, consider the Corn Stalk shade from Behr. This light brown hue with yellow undertones can give your home a cheerful vibe without being blindingly bright. When partnered with white accents, it’s the perfect paint color for a coastal or holiday home.

Check out Corn Stalk.

9. Wave Top

Can’t get enough of clear blue skies and the color of the ocean in summer? Why not bring them home with you? For that purpose, Wave Top is one of the best Behr exterior paint colors this year. When accentuated with white, the lighter shade of cyan makes your home a summer paradise all year long.

Check out Wave Top.

10. After Rain

After Rain is a gentle shade of cyan-blue, which is slightly less saturated than Wave Top, this paint is also best accentuated with white trim as it gives a cheerful feel to your home. It also goes well with wood surfaces on your doors and window frames.

Check out After Rain.

11. Perfect Penny

Perfect Penny is a dark shade of red-orange with brown undertones. The paint has a very earthy vibe, making it look like it came straight from a potter’s wheel. The shade gives your house a homey and friendly feel while being ideal for a range of different architectural styles. It works particularly well if the house is surrounded by greenery.

Check out Perfect Penny.

12. Basswood

If you want a very subtle and light earthy vibe to your home, some of our previous suggestions (Perfect Penny, Studio Clay, etc.) may not suit your taste because they’re deeper paint hues. Here’s where Behr’s Basswood steps in. This paint color comes with muted earthy tones, making it simple yet elegant, and it goes quite well with white and wooden accents.

Check out Basswood.

13. Sustainable

Green shades never go out of style. This year, one of the best Behr exterior paint colors is Sustainable, a tranquil sage green shade that gives your home a refreshing reboot. The gentle, soothing shade is versatile and can be used for various surfaces, and it’s also famous for interior paint. Sustainable has a modest yet elegant feel that makes your home more welcoming and warm.

Check out Sustainable.

14. Explorer Blue

The Explorer Blue paint from Behr brings a cyan-blue shade analogous to the color of a clear blue sky. It gives your home a profound transformation that isn’t over-the-top. The paint is perfectly accentuated with neutral shades and darker shades of blue.

Check out Explorer Blue.

15. Dark Cobalt Blue

Shades of blue are set to become a popular trend for exterior paints this year, but it’s important to pick a color that you don’t have to change for years, even after the trend changes. The Dark Cobalt Blue paint from Behr is one such color. The deep blue color gives your home a royal and exquisite finish, especially when paired with white trims.

Check out Dark Cobalt Blue.

16. Lingonberry Punch

Ligonberry Punch from Behr is an appealing shade of pinkish-red that enhances the look of your home for a charming, welcoming vibe. This shade goes well with white or dark colors like black or dark gray, and the hue can also be used as an accent. If you have a recently painted white home, this paint can bring a pop of color to your doors or window frames.

Check out Lingonberry Punch.

17. Wild Mustang

Wild Mustang is one of the best Behr exterior paint colors for people looking for an elegant earthy, luxurious, and grounded tone. The gold-infused dark brown shade radiates elegance and simplicity for a rustic look that’s perfect for a variety of architectural styles.

Check out Wild Mustang.

18. Laurel Tree

Love shades that remind you of the forest? Get ready to fall in love with the natural colors of Laurel Tree from Behr. The muted shade of green with slightly gray undertones exudes tranquility and reminds you of quiet and peaceful scenes. Paired with white accents, the color comes to life under natural light.

Check out Laurel Tree.

19. Ocean Abyss

The ocean is as peaceful as it is intimidating — something captured by Ocean Abyss from Behr. The deep teal is a sophisticated and bold exterior house color that looks amazing when paired with the right accents. Neutrals are excellent for house trim colors to tone down its deep hues.

Check out Ocean Abyss.

20. Cracked Pepper

The last color on our list of the best Behr exterior paint colors is Cracked Pepper — a grayish-black shade with very subtle blue undertones. The gray tone takes the brazen boldness of black exteriors down a notch without compromising its exquisite nature. The true potential of the dark gray paint comes out when it is accentuated with neutrals such as white, beige, or a light gray color.

Check out Cracked Pepper.

Classic rustic new home in dark grey wood exterior


That’s our list of the best Behr exterior paint colors. The company manufactures some of the best quality paints with a durable finish and a wide range of shades in the same league as Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams. We hope our paint suggestions will help you pick the best exterior house paint colors for your home this 2022!

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