20 Best Behr Interior Paint Colors

There are so many great interior paint colors, from timeless to trendy shades. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for inspiration! Whether you’re looking for a timeless, neutral color to fade into the background or an on-trend color, this list has an interior paint color for you. Keep reading for the 21 best Behr interior paint colors for 2022.


Best Behr Interior Paint Colors – White and Off-White

White is a timeless color that blends well into many different design styles.

You may think that all white paint colors are the same, but that’s simply not true! White comes in many shades with different undertones ranging from warm to cool. The best Behr interior paint colors for 2022 are white and off-white.

1. Swiss Coffee

Swiss Coffee is a warm and creamy off-white color with a slight yellow undertone. It’s one of the most popular Behr paint colors and is a timeless choice for a fresh and clean look. 

2. Swirling Water

Swirling Water is a bright white with cool undertones of gray and blue. It looks clean and fresh and makes the perfect neutral background stand out.

The subtle undertones keep this bright shade of white from looking too harsh or stark.

3. Polar Bear

Polar Bear is a neutral white with hardly any undertones. It looks pure white and doesn’t lean too warm or cool.

Depending on how much natural light you get in the room, you may detect a slight pink or subtle blue undertone. Since the undertones are neutral, Polar Bear is the perfect shade to pair with warm and cool colors.

4. Whisper White

Whisper White is a complex white that looks bright and clean without being too stark. It’s a fresh milky color with a very subtle warm undertone. The slight beige undertone softens the color without making it look yellow or cream.

Whisper white walls look bright and fresh with just a hint of softness to make the room feel cozy.

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Best Behr Interior Paint Colors – Earth Tones

Natural colors like earth tones have been especially popular this year. Earthy colors with warm undertones pair well with many other colors, making them versatile and easy to incorporate with the decor and different colors you already have in your home.

Check out the best Behr interior paint colors in earth tones below.

5. Sienna Dust

Sienna Dust is a warm beige color with peachy brown undertones. It is not quite tan and not quite peach, but somewhere in between.

The undertone can look almost pink in natural light, making this shade soft and dreamy. It’s the perfect choice if you want a neutral that has just a hint of color.

6. Pale Honey

Pale honey is another warm beige. This one has a solid yellow undertone giving it a rich, creamy look like honey mixed with butter.

Pale Honey is an excellent choice for a room where you want to bring some warmth and lightness without going too bright.

7. Golden Aura

Golden Aura is a golden tan color, and it’s a medium tan that can look deep and moody or soft and subtle depending on the light.

The more natural light you have in the room, the brighter and warmer the color will look. In a room without much natural light, Golden Aura will look darker.

8. Back to Nature

Back to Nature is a medium sage green color with soft brown and gray undertones. Because it has both warm and cool undertones, it pairs well with various other colors.

Sage has been very popular in 2022. Back to Nature is definitely one of the best Behr interior paint colors for an on-trend color in a classic shade.

9. Sustainable

Sustainable is a darker sage with gray undertones and a hint of brown. It pairs well with cool colors, adding warmth and earthiness to the room.

If the color feels too dark to paint in the entire room, you could use it on just one wall to create an accent wall or pair it on the lower half of a room under a chair rail and pair it with a lighter color on top.

gray tones behr paint best 2022

Best Behr Interior Paint Colors – Gray Tones

Much like white, on the surface, gray seems like a simple color, but it’s actually very complex. Gray can have all kinds of undertones from warm to cool, including blue, green, yellow, brown, and even purple.

Here are the top picks for Behr interior paint colors in gray.

10. Silver Bullet

Silver Bullet is a cool gray with a soft blue undertone. It’s a medium gray that isn’t too light or too dark.

Silver Bullet pairs well with other cool colors, or it can add a sense of lightness in a room with a lot of warm colors.

11. Natural Gray

Natural Gray is a medium-dark gray with slightly cool undertones. It’s a classic gray that doesn’t lean too cool or too warm, making it a perfect choice for a neutral gray that pairs well with everything.

12. Rustic Taupe

Rustic Taupe is a dark gray with slightly warm undertones. It blends well with a wide range of colors and looks striking against white trim.

If you like dark grays, Rustic Taupe may be perfect for you!

13. Lunar surface

Lunar surface is a medium gray with a strong blue undertone. In natural light, the blue will come out even more.

It is the perfect choice for a subtle coastal style that adds a hint of airy freshness without looking too blue.

14. Nightingale Gray

Nightingale gray is a warm gray with brown undertones. It is a medium greige color that falls somewhere between gray and beige.

In natural light, the beige will come out, making the color look more greige; in darker rooms, the color looks grayer.

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Best Behr Interior Paint Colors – Adding Some Color

If you want to add more color to your interior walls, check out these picks for the best Behr interior paint colors in modern, colorful shades for 2022.

15. Blueprint

Blueprint is a medium-dark blue. The color is rich and deep without being overly dark, and it has a slight gray and brown undertone giving it a subtle denim look.

Blueprint is very versatile and pairs well with many different design styles, from farmhouse to modern and everything in between.

16. Ocean Boulevard

Ocean Boulevard is a medium, airy shade of sky blue. A subtle gray undertone softens the color and keeps it from looking too childish.

Ocean Boulevard is a great choice to add a fun pop of color to your interior walls that are bold and vibrant while still being classic.

17. Breezeway

Breezeway is a beautiful shade of light green with blue and gray undertones. It’s fresh and airy, bringing brightness and subtle color to your interior spaces.

Breezeway is Behr’s 2022 color of the year and is an excellent choice for any of your interior rooms, including the kitchen, bedroom, or living room.

18. Lingonberry Punch

Lingonberry punch is a lovely shade of mulberry red with just a hint of purple and brown undertones.

It’s a soft shade of bold and vibrant red without being overly dramatic. Lingonberry Punch is an excellent choice if you want to add drama to your rooms.

19. Calla

Calla is a buttery yellow shade with subtle beige and tan undertones. Yellow is such a bright and cheery color, and a fresh coat of paint in warm yellow can instantly brighten up an entire room.

The soft, warm undertones keep the shade from looking too bright, giving it the perfect balance of lightness and coziness.

20. Will O the Wisp

Will O the Wisp is a soft, medium blue with purple undertones. The color is cool and refreshing, adding a sense of calm and peace to your space.

The soothing blue and refreshing purple undertone are a beautiful combination that looks fresh and clean, providing a calming background for your interior rooms.

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Where to Get Behr Paint

Behr paint is sold exclusively at Home Depot. You can visit a store to pick up color chips and buy paint or visit their website.

You can also browse the Behr website for products and colors and add items to your cart. Once you’re ready to checkout, click on “check out at the Home Depot” and be transferred to the Home Depot website to complete your order with the items you’ve selected already in your cart.

Wrapping up Best Behr Interior Paint Colors

There are so many great colors to choose from, and the hardest part will be deciding on a shade! Which of the best Behr interior paint colors do you want to try for your interior? For more color ideas, check out {the best Benjamin Moore interior paint colors} If you need help deciding on a shade, check out {how to choose paint colors for your home interior}.