Best front door colors for tan houses

Are you looking for front door color ideas to go with a tan house? Whether you want to keep it classic or go bold, painting your front door is a great way to boost curb appeal and add some personal style to the front of your home.

Keep reading to get some ideas for the best front door colors for tan houses and some things to think about when deciding on a paint color for your front door.


Things to Think about When Choosing a Front Door Color for a Tan House

When deciding on the best front door colors for tan houses, there are several things to consider.

Do you want your front door to blend in or stand out from the rest of the house? Think about what kind of style you’d like for your front door. Do you want a paint color that blends well with the exterior house color and other trim colors, or would you rather have something that stands out with a pop of color in an unexpected hue?

What are your favorite colors? You will see the door most often, so why not pick something you like? Your front door is a great place to let your personality shine. You can choose a shade in one of your favorite colors that will make you feel good every time you come home.

What is the architectural style of your home? A wide variety of colors will look good on many different architectural styles, but there may be times when specific colors are better suited to your particular home’s style.

The best front door colors for tan houses can enhance your home’s style. For example, if your house has a seaside bungalow feel, a coastal color like blue, green, or sandy beige may look nice. If your home is more of a contemporary or modern architectural style, navy, black, or deep red might work well.

What color will appeal to homebuyers? If you’re planning on selling your house soon, you’ll want to think about what colors appeal to potential buyers.

If you’re not planning to sell soon, this is less of a concern because paint color is fairly easy to change on a front door. You can always choose something you like now and repaint the door a more neutral color later when it comes time to sell.

Does your HOA have any restrictions? If you live in a neighborhood with a homeowners association, there may be restrictions about what colors you can paint your front door.

If you are part of an HOA, check the guidelines before painting your door to ensure your color choice is allowed.

Brush painting house front door with blue paint

Best Front Door Colors for Tan Houses – Shades of Blue

Blue is known as a calming color, and it can make the exterior of your home feel relaxed and welcoming or bold and energizing, depending on the shade you choose.

There are many shades of blue, ranging from bright and vibrant to dark and neutral.


Navy blue looks sophisticated and luxurious against a neutral tan background. It’s an excellent way to add a hint of color that isn’t overly loud or bold.

Navy pairs well with many other trim colors, so it’s easy to incorporate with colors you already have on things like shutters and railings.

For a rich, deep navy blue, try Naval by Sherwin Williams. This shade is a dark navy with gray undertones. It’s one of the most popular tones from Sherwin Williams.

Bright Blue

Aqueduct by Sherwin Williams is a bright and airy light blue color. It has undertones of green, making it look almost aqua.

This shade is so cheery. It would be a great pop of color to add some light to the front door of your tan house.

Deep Blue

If you want to do something bold while still using a classic color, Old Glory by Benjamin Moore is a great choice.

This classic blue shade is deep blue with a subtle gray undertone.

The color is bold but not overly dramatic. The gray undertones tone it down slightly and keep it from looking too bright.


Surf Blue by Benjamin Moore is a beautiful shade of deep teal. The rich color gives an energetic vibe that is friendly and welcoming.

This color would look fantastic as a front door color for a tan house with a lot of greenery. The teal shade blends in well with the deep greens of trees, shrubs, and other plants but doesn’t fade into the background completely, which makes it a lovely accent color for your front door that is subtle but not boring.

Best Front Door Colors for Tan Houses – Earthy and Vibrant Greens

Green is a natural color that represents life and growth. It can be soothing because it reminds us of nature, and it can be energizing because it reminds us to grow, change, and keep moving.

Depending on your shade, green can be comforting and earthy or funky and vibrant.


Saybrook Sage by Benjamin Moore is the perfect way to add some understated color to your front door. This gray-green color is a neutral shade of green that will look perfect on the front door of a tan house.

The green color in Saybrook Sage will stand out on a tan background, making it look more green than it might when paired with another color.


If you want to go with an unusual or unexpected color for your front door, lime green is a fun choice.

Electric Lime by Sherwin Williams is a vibrant color in a dark shade of lime green. It isn’t pastel or extra bright, but it will definitely stand out on your front door.

Hunter Green

Hunter Green by Benjamin Moore is a deep green shade that looks refined and elegant. It is a rich, earthy color that feels natural without being overdone or predictable.

Hunter green and tan is a great color combination that blends in seamlessly to a landscape with many tan and deep evergreen trees around.

If your home doesn’t have many colors around it naturally, a Hunter Green front door will stand out more while still reminding you of nature.

black front door on tan house

Best Front Door Colors for Tan Houses – Classic Neutrals

Classic colors never go out of style. A neutral color is a timeless choice that can look amazing for years to come.


Tricorn Black by Sherwin Williams is a classic shade of deep black. Black is a perfect neutral that goes well with any design style.

Black matches just about every color, so it’s easy to pair with existing trim colors.


Whitewater Bay by Benjamin Moore is a clean, white shade with a subtle beige undertone. The warm undertone works well with a tan exterior house color.

This particular shade of white is not overly bright, but any white or light ivory color on a front door can brighten up your exterior, giving it a fresh, clean look.


Twilight Gray by Sherwin Williams has warm undertones to complement your tan exterior color.

Gray can be a complicated color; there are so many different undertones, and not all match as well with tan. Twilight Gray has warm, beige undertones that are a perfect complement to a tan house color.


If you like a monochromatic look, why not use a different shade of brown to go with your tan exterior.

Brevity Brown is a rich earthy brown that can perfectly add depth and richness to a monochromatic tan house.

porch with red front door. House exterior

Best Front Door Colors for Tan Houses – Bright and Bold

Why not try one for your front door if you like bold and bright colors? Colors that might not work well on your entire house can look amazing as a front door color, adding personality and interest to a simple tan exterior.


Red has been a popular front door color for many years.

Exotic Red by Benjamin Moore is the perfect choice for a front door that is both classic and bold.

Rookwood Red by Sherwin Williams is an excellent choice if you’d like a more restrained red.


Tucker Orange by Benjamin Moore is a vibrant shade of orange that is still warm and welcoming. It’s a peachy shade that feels homey and light.


Purple is not a standard color for front doors, but it can be an attractive choice to complement your tan exterior.

Kimono Violet by Sherwin Williams is a deep purple shade that looks luxurious and indulgent.

French Lilac by Benjamin Moore is a soft, light shade of purple with blue and gray undertones. It’s an understated shade of purple that is unique without being too dramatic.


Hawthorne Yellow by Benjamin Moore is a warm, buttery yellow.

It’s such a cheerful shade and gives your home a friendly look. Hawthorne Yellow looks brighter in natural light and feels cozy and inviting.

purple front door tan house ideas

Wrapping up Best Front Door Colors for Tan Houses

There are so many great options to choose from when it comes to the best front door colors for tan houses. Hopefully, these tips and ideas will inspire you to choose a color you love that will make your front door look fantastic.

Whatever color you choose, look at the swatch or try a sample in natural light before painting your door. The color may appear slightly different when it’s outside than it will be in the store. Since you’ll be using the paint as a front door color, you’ll want to make sure it looks the way you expect it to outside. If you’re thinking about doing the work yourself, here are some tips for how to paint a door.

If you’ve decided on a color and you need help choosing the best type of paint, check out this article on the best exterior paint. If you’re wondering when is the best time to paint the exterior of a house, this article has some helpful information for you.