14 Awesome door color suggestions for Brown homes

Are you looking for brown house front door colors? You’ve come to the right place! Here you’ll find over a dozen different color ideas to go with brown houses, including specific color names from popular paint brands like Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams.

From light to dark, brown houses are the perfect neutral backdrop that goes well with many different colors. It can be hard to know what to choose with so many complimentary colors.

Keep reading to find brown house front door colors that are the perfect match to highlight your home.

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Classic Brown House Front Door Colors

Classic colors look elegant and timeless. They are appealing to a wide variety of people and are a perfect choice if you plan to sell your house soon. Classic colors go well with many architectural styles and look great on both modern and traditional homes.


Canvas Tan by Sherwin Williams is a warm, creamy tan with both yellow and gray undertones. It is an understated, light tan shade that goes well with other earthy colors like brown and forest green.

If you have a light brown house, a tan front door can create a nice monochromatic look. If your home is dark brown, tan stands out a bit more but is still an excellent neutral option.


Whether your house is dark or light brown, a monochromatic color scheme allows the natural beauty around your home to stand out.

Hidden Valley by Benjamin Moore is a nice medium brown shade with a soft red undertone. It pairs well with many shades of brown for a monotone look that is classic and sophisticated.


Gray has been a popular color for a while now, and it’s neutral enough to be timeless while still adding a modern touch to your brown exterior. Depending on the shade, gray can look clean and fresh or warm and cozy.

Balboa Mist by Benjamin Moore is a light gray with warm undertones. The warm undertones make this color a perfect complement to houses painted a warm shade of brown.


Red has been a popular front door color for centuries, and it is a timeless look that is more exciting than a basic neutral but still classic.

In American history, a red front door was a symbol of welcome to weary travelers. If they saw a red front door, travelers knew they could stop in for a rest and a good meal. Red stands for good luck, prosperity, and good health in Chinese culture.

A beautiful shade of red on your front door can stand out against your brown exterior and looks great on both traditional and modern houses.

Cherry Tomato by Sherwin Williams is a deep, classic shade of red with a slight brown undertone that would pair nicely with a brown exterior.


Black is a traditional color that matches everything. It’s the perfect choice if you already have black trim around your home, but it also works well with many other colors.

Black Fox by Sherwin Williams is a rich black color with subtle warm undertones. It is not the darkest black, with a light reflectance value of seven. The warm undertones work especially well with brown-colored houses.

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Unique Brown House Front Door Colors

Brown house front door colors don’t have to be expected or ordinary. Why not try one on your front door if you like bright or unusual colors? Unexpected colors can be fun to add some personality to your home exterior.

Mint Green

Mint green has been a popular color in recent years. This delicate hue is light and fresh and can be a fun way to brighten up the look and feel of your brown exterior.

Light Mint by Benjamin Moore is a pale green color with a hint of blue undertones, and it’s a cool shade that would be a nice contrast to a light brown or chocolate brown house.


A vibrant shade of turquoise can brighten up a brown house. Bright colors are fun and bold but don’t have to be overly loud or dramatic.

Gulf Stream by Sherwin Williams is a deep, rich shade of turquoise that reminds you of a tropical island vacation. The color is vibrant and soothing, making it feel energizing and peaceful all at once.


If you want your front door to stand out and look unique without being too different, Burgundy is a great choice. Burgundy is a dark reddish-purple that can lean more red or purple depending on your shade.

Cranberry Cocktail is a dark purple/red shade reminiscent of a classic red but with a hint of something unexpected. It’s the perfect choice for a unique front door color that isn’t too far from a classic color.


Sage green is an understated color that is not terribly unusual but still unexpected when it comes to front door colors. A light shade of sage can add a subtle hint of life and freshness to your exterior.

Clary Sage by Sherwin Williams is an earthy shade of sage green with warm undertones that pair well with brown houses. This shade looks fresh and light but not too bright or showy.

Royal Blue

Royal blue adds a fun pop of color that works especially well on light brown houses.

Big Country Blue is a bright and vibrant shade of royal blue that will stand out and look amazing against your brown exterior.

Cheerful Brown House Front Door Colors


Yellow is a happy, energizing color that feels friendly and welcoming.

Sundance by Benjamin Moore is a beautiful light yellow shade that is bright and cheery but not overly bold. The color will make your brown house look inviting and cozy.


An orange front door feels contemporary and exciting. This unexpected shade is a fun choice for a front door and will stand out against a neutral brown house color.

Navel by Sherwin Williams is a medium-toned, warm shade of orange that reminds you of the fresh fruit by the same name. It is sunny and welcoming without being too bright.


Lilac stands out and looks soft and sweet against a brown house exterior. The color reminds you of spring and new beginnings and looks welcoming and cheerful.

Spring Lilac by Benjamin Moore is a light purple with a hint of gray and blue undertones. The gray keeps it from looking too purple though a warm brown background will make the purple stand out more.


A soft shade of cream can brighten up a dark brown house and make it look fresh, inviting, and cheerful.

Casa Blanca by Sherwin Williams is a lovely off-white shade that has strong yellow undertones. It is a true cream, but it can look like a very light yellow, especially in direct sunlight.

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Tips for Choosing a Brown House Front Door Color

Don’t Be Afraid of Color

Your front door is the perfect place to add some color to your brown exterior. Whether you want to go bold or subtle, a little color might be just the thing to bring some life and energy to a simple brown exterior.

Choose Something You Like

You are the one who will see the front door color most often, so your opinion matters most when it comes to picking a brown house front door color.

Think about how you want to feel when you get home and see your front door, then pick a color that brings that out. Do you want something calm and soothing, energizing and vibrant, earthy and cozy, cheerful and welcoming, or something else?

Consider Your Home’s Style

A variety of shades can look fabulous no matter the architectural style but choosing the right shade can bring out the look and style you want for your home even more.

If your home is a traditional farmhouse style, you may want to go with softer shades, and contemporary shades go well with modern homes.

Consider Trim Colors

What colors are on the existing trim around your house? Do you have black shutters? A white handrail? When choosing brown house front door colors, think about what colors you already have around your exterior to select a color that will go well and complement the other features of your home.

Look at the Color Outdoors

Paint swatches look different in indoor light than they will outside. Since the color will be on an exterior door, try to look at it in natural light before making a final decision.

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Final Thoughts on Brown House Front Door Colors

Whether you pick a classic color in a timeless shade or a trendy color in just the right hue, paint is a great way to freshen up your front door and make the exterior of your house look welcoming and attractive.

With fresh new paint, you will love coming home and seeing your beautiful front door every day. If you need help deciding whether to hire a professional or paint your front door yourself, this article has some helpful ideas and things to think over. For tips on painting the door yourself, check out this article on how to paint a door without brush marks.