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Unusual Wallpaper Ideas 1

Unusual Wallpaper Ideas

A decade ago, homeowners stripped wallpaper from their homes because it was considered tacky and dated.  Today, homeowners are installing wallpaper on every wall in their homes because it is now trendy and tasteful.  Proving the old adage, “what goes around comes around,” wallpaper is making a comeback.  Fortunately, this isn’t the funky wallpaper of …

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Home Decorating 101: Getting Your Home Ready for Summer 2

Home Decorating 101: Getting Your Home Ready for Summer

For most Americans, one of the most significant highlights of summer is the Fourth of July celebrations, so it’s common during the summer months for homeowners to decorate their homes simply by placing an American flag on their front porch, alongside other items that don the patriotic colors. While this is truly a symbolic gesture …

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Choosing Interior Paint Colors 4

Choosing Interior Paint Colors

Choosing interior paint color schemes is an important aspect of repainting the interior of your Minnesota home.  It’s about more than simply making the walls look great; interior paint will collaborate with each aspect of a room, including furniture, televisions, and other elements, to define the overall style.  The failure of homeowners to understand this …

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Interior Paint Ideas

Interior Paint Ideas

When it comes to modern design, there are many interior paint ideas that will quickly provide a new, stylish look for any home.  More homeowners are beginning to realize the economic and aesthetic value that interior wall painting provides in enhancing the look of any room or an entire house.  Often, a fresh coat of …

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