Transform Your Deck with Professional Deck Staining Services in Minneapolis

Your deck receives more abuse from the weather than any other part of your home, including the roof.

The extended layout of decks fully exposes them to the elements day in and day out. Minnesota’s unforgiving weather conditions, including relentless sun in the summer and snowstorms in winter, can really take a toll on your deck.

Deck staining is an important component of regular maintenance for your Minneapolis Deck and it’s vital to prevent damage to new decks. Our Minnesota painters are thoroughly trained to properly stain your deck using the finest materials available.

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Reasons To Stain your Minneapolis Deck

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Protect Your Deck

Regular staining protects your deck from the elements and provides an excellent defense against moisture and rot. You can save money by avoiding costly problems like mildew, mold, and wood rot when you have your deck stained.

Extend the Life of Your Deck

If your deck is protected, it will last longer. You won’t have to replace damaged boards as often and you’ll get a longer life out of your deck.

Enhance the Color and Texture of the Wood

Decks that are regularly stained and maintained have a beautiful appearance that lets the color and texture of your natural wood shine through.

Avoid Cracking

Sealing alone won’t protect your wood from cracking. The right stain will keep necessary moisture in the wood while keeping unwanted moisture out.

Increase Home Value

Having a beautiful and properly maintained deck is a big asset when it comes time to sell your home. Keeping your deck in good condition with regular maintenance, including staining, can help you get a better selling price.

Our Deck Staining Process

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Begin With a Test

We begin with a test to determine wood’s absorbency by spraying the deck with water. If the wood soaks up all of the water, it likely needs staining. If the water remains on the deck, the wood may not yet need staining, though it’s still a good idea to enhance the deck’s durability.

Make Necessary Repairs

The wood will be carefully inspected for any signs of damage, significant or slight. This includes areas grayed by the sun, warped boards, splinters, nails sticking out, and so on.

Clean the Wood

The entire deck is then thoroughly cleaned to remove any dirt, mildew, and mill scale. Previous stains may need to be removed as well. This is all done to ensure that nothing stops the wood stains from soaking into the deck’s boards. Our wood cleaners are effective at cleaning your deck quickly without harming nearby plant or animal life.

Treat the Wood with a Brightener

Next, we treat the wood with brightener prior to deck staining. This step is often overlooked during deck staining projects, but it is one that will enhance the durability of wood while also improving its aesthetic value. Wood brightener will remove the graying that occurs under prolonged exposure to sunlight. It will restore wood to a more natural looking and visually pleasing state. Brightener also helps remove any residue that may have remained after cleaning, especially loose particles from former deck staining projects. Additionally, prepping wood with a brightener solution makes it more absorbent when applying the stain.

Apply Stain

When it’s actually time to begin staining the deck, we make no compromises on quality. Inferior staining solutions can begin peeling and seeping off the deck in less than a year. Not only will this damage the structure, it may also affect plants located near the deck. Lower quality stains will almost always result in expensive repair projects, so our professional Minnesota painters avoid them.

We always begin staining with the upper portion of the deck. That way, any stain that falls will land on wood that has not yet been treated, making it much easier to correct. All surfaces of the deck, including smaller regions and corners, are carefully covered with a fine layer of stain to maximize durability

Final Inspection

Once the work is complete, we fully inspect the deck with you, the homeowner, making sure everything is finished to your complete satisfaction.

Why Choose Us to Stain Your Deck

  • We use top of the line equipment and materials to achieve the best quality possible. This ensures that your deck stain will last as long as possible in the harsh Minnesota environment.
  • We are experienced in small repairs. You don’t have to call the handyman, we can fix broken boards, railings, and other issues before staining your deck.
  • We leave your yard looking better than we found it. We won’t leave a mess of stain in your grass, tools in the yard, and splatter on your property. Our painters leave your property in top condition.
  • We offer free estimates and color consultations to help you select the best stain color for your deck.
  • We are fully insured so you don’t have to worry.
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Our Exterior Painting Services

Exterior House Painting

First and foremost, we are exterior house painters with over 20 years of experience. We will make sure that your exterior looks amazing and holds up to Minnesota’s harsh environment. 

Peeling Paint Removal & Encapsulation

Peeling paint is a huge issue in Minnesota. If you don’t properly address it when painting, your new paint job will start peeling almost immediately. We take the time to completely remove peeling paint and encapsulate the remaining paint so that you new extrior paint last for many years to come. 

Lead Paint Removal

At Minneapolis Painting Company, we’re EPA Lead Certified. When perform renovations, repairs, and painting projects that disturb lead-based paint in homes, our certified renovators are trained by EPA-accredited training providers and follow lead safe work practices.

Power Washing

We offer complete power washing services. From preparing your home with power washing, to cleaning your deck, driveway, and sidewalks. 

Aluminum, Vinyl, Steel, and Wood Painting

We have experience painting any type of exterior surface. From aluminum, to steel, and even vinyl, we know how to prep and paint your exterior surface and make it last for years. 

Deck and Wood Staining

Whether you need your deck stripped and stained, refreshed, have wood siding, or even a gazebo, we offer wood staining services that will outlast the competition. 

Small Repairs

No need to call the handyman when you work with Minneapolis Painting Company. We can take care of small exterior repairs for you. Some of our services include:

  • Small Siding Repair
  • Window Sills
  • Caulking
  • Sanding
  • Deck Board Repair

Deck Staining Minneapolis FAQs

How long will it take to stain my deck?

We can usually complete the entire project in 1-2 days.

When is the best time of year to stain a deck?

Spring and fall are the best times to stain. Your stain will soak in and dry best when the temperatures are between 50-90 degrees and the sun isn’t too strong.

Can you stain a composite deck?

Yes. Composite decks require a certain approach and our painters are trained in staining composite decks as well as wooden decks.

How often should a deck be stained?

To make the most out of your deck and prolong it’s lifespan you should have it refinished or a maintenance coat of stain applied every 2-3 years. With proper maintenance you may be able to go a little longer.

Do I need to remove furniture from the deck before workers arrive?

No, we can move furniture for you making the process easy and painless. No need to hurt your back moving heavy furniture!

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