Garage Painting Services in Minneapolis

When you think of rooms in your home, your garage probably doesn’t come to mind. But it’s just that—a room in your house! It’s a space that’s unique because, while it is part of your house’s interior, it can also be seen on the outside. Since most people usually treat their garage simply as a storage space, garage doors tend to be pretty ho-hum. Chipped, bland, and sun-bleached.

Painting A Garage

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But did you know your garage door has the potential to greatly increase not only your curb appeal but your house’s value? A study done by the University of Alabama and the University of Texas Arlington found that a house that looks great from the curb can be sold for as much as 7% more than a very similar house (similar square footage, location, etc.) that is bland or uninviting. So not only will painting your garage door the fresh, right color increase its value, it will also make your home something you love coming back to every day!

While you certainly can paint your garage door on your own, it can be tedious and frustrating. It will require precision and careful work around the ornate details and little windows. A smooth finish can be a challenge using a roller and paint brush and paint sprayers can be a challenge to master.

Why not hire it out to the professional painters and sit inside drinking some coffee while we do it for you? Contact us today for a free quote!

more reasons to paint your Minneapolis Garage:

Garage Painted Interior
Exterior Painting

Add Value To Your Home

Painting your exterior can add value to your house If your looking to sell your home in the near future, exterior painting can add curb appeal and have a huge return on your investment when in comes to your sale price as well as how long your home sits on the market.

Set The Mood and Tone Of Your Home

Colors can affect the moods of you and your guests You can set the tone for anyone coming to your home the minute they arrive. Our experts can help you achieve the feel that you’ve always wanted to have.

Get More Enjoyment From Your Home

Painting Your House can renew your Enjoyment of your home If your feeling tired of your home a simple paint job can really give you new satisfaction and excitement for your home. With a fresh coat of paint you will be ready to get the rest of your home looking as good as the paint job.

Your Neighbors will Like You Again!

If you’ve been known as the homeowner with the peeling ugly house, now is the time to do more than protect your home. Make your home stand out on the block in a good way and bring it back to its original beauty. 

 How To Get Started Painting Your Minnesota Exterior 

The best way to paint your exterior is to hire a professional painter who has experience working with all types of siding. They will know what type of paint to apply and which products work best on different types of surfaces.

Our garage Painting Process

Garage doors naturally take a beating from the elements. Daily use also means their paint job is under a serious amount of stress every day. These factors lead to your paint cracking and chipping as time passes. At Minneapolis Painting Company, we paint your garage door in a way that ensures a lasting and quality job that will give your garage door fresh life for years to come!


We’ll take our time, looking over your garage door inside and out. Then the first step of any exterior home painting job is getting all of the dirt and grime off what is to be painted. We’ll take care of that for you and then prep the area to protect anything that doesn’t need to be painted from getting paint on it.


Since you’ll have hired us to help an aging garage door, we’ll take time to scrape and sand down any chipped or damaged sections of garage door so that we can achieve that perfectly smooth finish you’ve always wanted.


Since we’ll have spoken with you about the appropriate kind of paint and color to achieve your desired outcome, we’ll first prime everything so that the paint bonds well and then spray the perfect fresh coat of paint for your garage door. No detail will be missed by our painting experts!


Now that the paint job is done, we’ll clean up everything we’ve gotten out and leave your place better than we found it. We’ll take the mess with us and leave you with the brand-new looking garage door of your dreams!

We couldn’t make this process any easier for you! Don’t wait, contact us today for a free quote to get the ball rolling towards amazing curb appeal!

Benefits of Using a Top Exterior House Painting Company in Minneapolis:

  • We use top of the line equipment and materials to achieve the best quality possible. This ensures that our exterior painting will last as long as possible in the harsh Minnesota environtment.
  • We are experienced in small repairs. You don’t have to call the handy many, we can fix rotted window sills, broken siding, and more.
  • We leave your yard looking better than we found it. We won’t leave a mess of paint in your grass, tools in the yard, and splatter on your property. Our painters leave your property in top condition.
  • We offer free estimates and color consultations to help you select the best exterior color for your home.
  • We are fully insured so you don’t have to worry. 
  • We offer a 3 Year 100% Quality Guarantee.
Minneapolis Exterior Painting Blue Home

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Why hire Minneapolis Painting Company to paint my garage?

When you hire Minneapolis Painting Company to paint your garage, you’re getting quick, efficient, and professional level painting. We’re experts in painting all kinds of different surfaces. We can even help you choose the right type of paint and go over paint colors for your garage door before doing the painting for you. Customer satisfaction is one of our highest priorities, so we want your garage door to be something you love!

At Minneapolis Painting Company, we’ve got top-notch service. We care about you and the end result. Before beginning the paint job, we’ll carefully evaluate your garage door in its current state, noting what needs to be fixed before getting started. We’ll handle all of the necessary repairs and prep work, use a paint sprayer on your garage door and frame, and will clean up everything when we’re done. We leave you with a peace of mind that comes from knowing that your garage door paint job is professional, fresh, and will last a long time.

For more information or to schedule a free quote, contact us today!

What do I get when I hire Minneapolis Painting Company to paint my garage?

We know that you could spend your hard-earned money in a million different ways, but there are a few things you get when you hire Minneapolis Painting Company to paint your garage door that we believe make it worth it for you.


When you hire us, you’re hiring years of combined painting experience. We’ve seen it all and are better equipped to deal with any problems that may rear their ugly heads during the process. We can easily and quickly make adjustments if there are any issues with paint, the surfaces, equipment, or even the weather.

Saved Time and Money

Of course, you could absolutely paint your garage door on your own. But unless exterior paint jobs are something you do regularly, there’s going to be a hefty financial investment into the tools and equipment you’ll need to do it well. And even if you get the right tools and equipment, there’s a real learning curve that could leave you disappointed and frustrated with your final product.

When you hire Minneapolis Painting Company, you can know the job is done well and there will be no need to spend money on things you won’t need again or spend so much of your time doing a job we could do in half the time because of our professional painting experience.


When you hire Minneapolis Painting Company to paint your garage, you then have a relationship with us and will have somewhere to turn if there’s ever a problem with the work. We can fix the problem or figure out how to deal with the situation. We’ll also be readily available as a resource if and when other painting needs arise!


If you’re looking to upgrade your curb appeal and bring some life to a sad, old garage door, don’t hesitate, contact us today for a FREE QUOTE! We can’t wait to bring your dream to life!

Our Exterior Painting Services

Exterior House Painting

First and foremost, we are exterior house painters with over 20 years of experience. We will make sure that your exterior looks amazing and holds up to Minnesota’s harsh environment. 

Peeling Paint Removal & Encapsulation

Peeling paint is a huge issue in Minnesota. If you don’t properly address it when painting, your new paint job will start peeling almost immediately. We take the time to completely remove peeling paint and encapsulate the remaining paint so that you new extrior paint last for many years to come. 

Lead Paint Removal

At Minneapolis Painting Company, we’re EPA Lead Certified. When perform renovations, repairs, and painting projects that disturb lead-based paint in homes, our certified renovators are trained by EPA-accredited training providers and follow lead safe work practices.

Power Washing

We offer complete power washing services. From preparing your home with power washing, to cleaning your deck, driveway, and sidewalks. 

Aluminum, Vinyl, Steel, and Wood Painting

We have experience painting any type of exterior surface. From aluminum, to steel, and even vinyl, we know how to prep and paint your exterior surface and make it last for years. 

Deck and Wood Staining

Whether you need your deck stripped and stained, refreshed, have wood siding, or even a gazebo, we offer wood staining services that will outlast the competition. 

Small Repairs

No need to call the handyman when you work with Minneapolis Painting Company. We can take care of small exterior repairs for you. Some of our services include:

  • Small Siding Repair
  • Window Sills
  • Caulking
  • Sanding
  • Deck Board Repair


How often should I paint the exterior of my home?

When done right, exterior painting should last many years, meaning you should only have to repaint your home if you want a new color and new look. However, if your old paint job is cracking, peeling, or you’re simply tired of it, then it’s time to give Minneapolis Painting Company a call. 

Read More About How Often You Should Paint Your Exterior. 

How much will it cost to paint my homes exterior?

Exterior painting around Minneapolis typically costs in the $2,000 – $10,000 range depending on the size of your home and the level of work needed. You can schedule a free estimate and get an exact number for your project. 

Read More About How Much Exterior Painting Costs.

How long does it take to paint my homes exterior?

Our painters have years of experience and all the correct tools to get your job done fast, and correct. A typical exterior painting project takes anywhere from 3 days to 1 week. 

How Long Does It Take To Paint A House Exterior.

When is the best time for exterior painting in MN

The best time to paint in Minnesota is the wheather allows it! In all seriousness, we can start painting as soon as the temperature stays above 35 degrees 24 hours a day. Once temps dip below freezing at night, it’s usually time to end the exterior painting season. 

Why should I hire a painter to paint my homes exterior?

Professional painters such as Minneapolis Painting Company have the experience and tools to do your job correctly. That means our paint jobs will last longer and be completed quicker than if you were do the project yourself. Many DIYers often end up spending thousands of dollars on sprayers, ladders, and other tools and don’t save as much as hoped for in the end either. 

How To Hire An Exterior House Painter. 

What is the best exterior paint to use on my home?

The best exterior paint for your home depends on many factors. What type of siding is it, what’s your budget, and more all go into this. Our trained estimators will help you determine the absolute best paint for your project.

Should old paint be removed before my house is painted?

This depends on the condition of the old paint. If it isn’t peeling and is still bonded well to the surface, then removing it really only adds uncessicary costs. If your old paint is peeling, then removing and encapsulating may be the best option. 

What if there is lead on my homes exterior?

No worries, Minneapolis Painting Company is EPA Lead Certified. That means we are trained by EPA-accredited training providers and follow lead safe work practices.

Can you paint vinyl and aluminum?

Absolutely! There are wonderful products on the market today that allow us to paint vinyl and aluminum siding and will last for many years. 

Can you paint in rainy weather?

If we see that rain is coming, we may need to reschedule your exterior painting. It’s always better to be safe than sorry! 

Can you paint in cold weather?

Most exterior paints are rated for application down to 35 degrees. They also need to cure in temperatures that are above 35 degrees to have the best chances for a long life. So we try to not schedule exterior painting when nights start dipping below freezing. 

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