Experienced Commercial Painting Services in Minnesota

Painting a commercial property is different from painting a house. When it comes to your business, you need a company that knows how to handle the unique challenges of commercial painting to get the best results for your business.

Our Painters are fully trained professionals with many years of experience in the commercial painting industry. We pride ourselves on the long lasting relationships that we have with many of our commercial clients.

Commercial Painting

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At Minneapolis Painting Company we offer complete, full service painting to our commercial clients. Whether your business is large or small, we can take care of your interior and exterior commercial painting needs.

Benefits of Commercial Painting

Building Painting
Painting Brick Building

Professional Commercial Painting Gives a Professional Look to Your Business.

With commercial painting you can hide imperfections and create a fresh clean look helping your space to look professional and ready for business.

Make a Good First Impression

First Impressions can make or break a business. If your building looks rundown from the outside, customers may choose not to enter. A quality paint job helps your exteriors and interiors look well maintained and makes a good first impression for anyone entering your space.

Fresh Color and a Clean Work Environment can Increase Employee Productivity

Creating a clean, fresh space minimizes external distractions and provides a productive place for your employees to work. The right color can energize your employees and spark creativity.

Color can Help Influence Customer Moods and Increase Sales

New paint can make your space more appealing to customers. If they enjoy being in the space customers will stay longer and come back frequently which can help increase your sales.

Make Your Surfaces Easy To Clean and Maintain

Old paint can scuff and scratch easily. We can help you choose paint that will look amazing and be easy to clean and maintain saving you time and giving you long lasting results.

Protect Your Building From the Minnesota Elements

Exterior painting protects your building from the relentless summer sun and harsh winters we have here in Minneapolis.

Our Commercial Painting Process

Free Estimate

We start with a free estimate to find out what you’re looking for and tell you about our process. At your appointment we’ll walk through the space with you, take measurements, and talk about your goals for the space.

Project Planning and Design Consultation

Once you decide to move forward with us we plan the project from start to finish including dates, custom process, and color selection. Your space is unique and the project plan reflects that. We offer complimentary design consultation services to help you choose colors that will go well together and match the aesthetic of your business.


Preparation is one of the most important steps to ensure a high quality finish. Depending on your needs this may include caulking, patching, sanding, power washing, or other small repairs. Once repairs are made, the surfaces are thoroughly cleaned to ensure they’re ready for paint.


We carefully apply paint and primer using the best methods for your specific project. A high quality paint with a careful application will give you long lasting results and beautiful surfaces for years to come.

Final Inspection and Walkthrough

Once painting is complete we take time to walk through the space with you making sure everything is finished to your complete satisfaction.

Clean Up

At the end of the job we clean up everything leaving your space better than when we found it.

Why Choose Us for Your Minnesota Commercial Painting Project?

  • We use top of the line equipment and materials to achieve the best quality attainable. This ensures that our commercial painting will look terrific and last as long as possible.
  • We are experienced in small repairs. You don’t have to call the handy many, we can take care of drywall repairs, rotted molding, and other minor issues before painting.
  • We offer free estimates and design consultations to help you select the best color(s) for your space.
  • We are fully insured for your protection.
  • We offer a 3 Year 100% Quality Guarantee.
Office Painting

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Commercial Painting Services We Offer

Interior Wall Priming and Painting

Joist and Rafter Painting


Epoxies for Walls

Exterior Painting

Concrete and Brick Sealing

Electrostatic Painting

Wood Staining and Finishing

Enamels and Durable Finishes

Wood Refinishing

Some of our Commercial Painting Clients include:





Office Buildings



Retail Stores


Grocery Stores


Auto Body

Car Dealers

And Many More

Commercial Painting Minneapolis FAQs

Will I have to close my business while you paint?

In most cases, no. With some organization and planning we can complete much of the work while your business is still operating. We’ll work with you to make a plan during the project planning stage to keep disruptions to your business to a minimum.

How do I prepare for commercial painting

This will vary widely depending on what kind of space you have and what work is being done. We’ll go over all those details during the project planning phase so you’ll know just what to expect. If preparation is needed, you’ll have a complete list of anything that needs to be done before our paint crew arrives.

When should I paint my commercial space?

The easiest way to know when it’s time for commercial painting is to just look at your space. Is it looking old, dated, worn down, or in need of a fresh new look? Then it may be time for commercial painting.

Spring and Fall are the best times of year for exterior painting because weather makes a huge impact on how the paint dries. Interior painting is more flexible and can be done any time of year.

What all is included in the estimate?

We include paint and material costs, repairs and preparation needed, and labor costs in your estimate. We won’t add these items on later, they’re included from the start to give you an accurate idea of what it will cost for your project.

Will my office smell when you’re done?

Today’s paints don’t smell nearly as bad as paints from years ago. This is due to lower VOCs in modern paints and manufacturers improving paint quality.

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