Exterior Painting Ideas 1

Exterior Painting Ideas

Exterior painting is an excellent way to quickly give your home a more stylish look while also incurring a higher property value.  Of course, painting is only part of the challenge; selecting the right colors can be a difficult task, and the consequences of choosing the wrong ones can be disastrous.  The best exterior painting …

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Choosing Interior Paint Colors 7

Choosing Interior Paint Colors

Choosing interior paint color schemes is an important aspect of repainting the interior of your Minnesota home.  It’s about more than simply making the walls look great; interior paint will collaborate with each aspect of a room, including furniture, televisions, and other elements, to define the overall style.  The failure of homeowners to understand this …

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Exterior Paint Colors 11

Exterior Paint Colors

Choosing exterior paint colors has become a much more involved process for Minneapolis, MN painters.  Since gaining a greater understanding of the way humans perceive color on even a subconscious level, professional painters are able to work with a larger selection of colors.  This has led to an improvement in creativity reflected throughout modern residential …

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