Top Kitchen Cabinet Colors to Enhance Your Home

Looking for kitchen cabinet color ideas? Whether you’re thinking about painting your kitchen cabinets or purchasing brand new cabinets, here are some ideas for popular kitchen cabinet colors and how to decide on a cabinet color that’s right for your home.

Painting your kitchen cabinets a new color can bring a whole different look to your kitchen without breaking the bank. If buying new cabinets, you’ll also want to think carefully about what color to get so that you end up with something you love that fits well into your kitchen. Keep reading to learn about some popular kitchen cabinet paint colors and how to choose a cabinet color for your kitchen.

popular kitchen cabinet colors
Grey Painted Kitchen Cabinet Colors

How to Choose a Kitchen Cabinet Color

When choosing a color for your kitchen cabinets there are lots of things to think about. Cabinets are a big focal point of your kitchen and you see them everyday. You’ll want to find something you really like that also adds value to your home.

Consider a dramatic cabinet color carefully but don’t be afraid to go bold if that’s your thing. You’re the one who will be living with the color and seeing it every day so pick something that makes you happy! If you’re thinking about moving soon you might want to go with more neutral colors that will appeal to a wide variety of people and increase the resale value of your home. Timeless colors look beautiful with many different styles and can be a great base for adding on other colors with your accessories and furniture.

Think About Light

White Kitchen Cabinets

Think about how much natural light your kitchen gets and whether you want to make your kitchen look larger or more cozy. Maybe you don’t have a lot of windows and you want a kitchen cabinet color that will brighten up your space. Maybe your kitchen looks big and empty and you want to add some darker colors to bring in the space and make it more cozy.

Color Trends

Color trends come and go so think about how the color will look in a few years. Will it look dated 10 years down the road? On trend colors can make your kitchen look amazing and expensive but you may want to update them sooner than more timeless colors so keep that in mind.

Coordinate With What You Already Have

Think about the other colors you already have in your home, especially in the kitchen. Do you have a lot of deep rich wood furniture or stainless steel? What color are your flooring, backsplash, and countertops? You’ll want to use a color for your kitchen cabinets that complements what you already have to make your home and kitchen really look their best.

Popular Kitchen Cabinet Colors

Here are several popular kitchen cabinet colors that include both classic and on-trend shades. Whether you want to go bold or you’re looking for a more timeless style, you’re sure to find some inspiration for your kitchen cabinets here!

Blue Kitchen Cabinets

Blue Kitchen Cabinet Bases
Blue Kitchen Cabinet Bases

Blue kitchen cabinets have been popular for a few years now and the trend shows no sign of slowing down. With so many shades of blue available you can make a big statement if that’s what you’re going for, or choose something more subtle. From deep navy to coastal blue-green shades, blue works well in a variety of styles including modern, farmhouse, and traditional. Blue is soothing and relaxing and can make your kitchen feel calm and comfortable or rich and luxurious depending on the shade you choose.

Dark navy cabinets look great in modern style kitchens. This deep color can make your kitchen feel dark so it works best in kitchens that get lots of natural light. Lighter blues can help your kitchen appear larger and more spacious. They can be a good choice if you have a small kitchen and you’re trying to make it appear bigger. If you’re going for a coastal style, pick a light shade of blue with gray or green undertones.

Gray Kitchen Cabinets

Gray is one of the most popular colors we’ve seen in the past several years and it looks beautiful on kitchen cabinets. Dark gray adds a sense of drama and richness to large kitchens. Light gray is beautiful and timeless and can make your kitchen feel bright and airy. Warm grays have been really popular lately and can add a sense of earthiness and coziness to your kitchen.

Like blue, there are many shades of gray from very dark charcoal to the lightest greige so you can definitely find a gray to suit your style and tastes. Gray is neutral and easy to pair with other colors making it a great base to work with if you want to add pops of color in other areas of your kitchen such as the backsplash or in your decor.

White Kitchen Cabinets

White kitchen cabinets are enduringly popular. With white cabinets, you can have a classic look that is still fresh and won’t look dated in a few years. White fits into any design style you can think of from cozy farmhouse to sophisticated modern. White reflects light and can help make your kitchen feel more spacious, especially when paired with light countertops. If your kitchen feels dark or doesn’t have many windows, white is a great choice for brightening up the space.

When choosing a white kitchen cabinet color, think about the other colors in your kitchen and choose a white with undertones that will pair well with what you already have. For example if your countertops are off white or have warm white undertones, choose a warm white cabinet color to complement your countertops. If you have lots of blue and cool gray in your kitchen, pick a cooler white shade for your cabinets.

Black Kitchen Cabinets

Black Kitchen Cabinets
Black Kitchen Cabinets

Black cabinets can look sleek, dramatic, contemporary, and sophisticated. If you have a traditional-style home and you want to make it look more modern, black cabinets can really bring in that modern or industrial style. Add brass hardware to make it feel more luxurious or stick with all black for a more sleek look.

Since black absorbs light it can make kitchens look dark and small but that doesn’t mean you have to have a large kitchen if you want to use black. To avoid making your kitchen look like a cave, consider lighting carefully and try pairing black cabinets with lighter countertops and kitchen walls. Black cabinets won’t look dirty as quickly as lighter colors so they can be a practical choice for kitchens that get a lot of use.

Unique Kitchen Cabinet Colors

If you like to be adventurous with color, your kitchen cabinets are a great place to have some fun and let your personality shine through. Bolder colors can really energize your kitchen and make your cabinets pop. If you want to make a more subtle statement, try picking a muted shade of a unique color for your kitchen cabinets.

Yellow Kitchen Cabinets

If you like bright or bold colors, why not try a warm buttery yellow for your kitchen cabinets? Yellow looks so welcoming and cozy in a rustic farmhouse kitchen. Pair it with a classic white subway tile backsplash to really brighten up your space or use oranges and browns for a bohemian feel.

Green Kitchen Cabinets

Green is a color that has been increasing in popularity in recent years. Why not embrace nature with green cabinets in a fresh hue? There’s a lot you can do with green from bold to more subtle depending on your own personal style. Keep a soft feel with a mellow sage color, or go extra bold with bright emerald green.

Combining Kitchen Cabinet Colors

Two-Tone Cabinets

Have you seen two-toned kitchen cabinets? Using multiple colors on your cabinets adds interest and can make your kitchen feel custom and expensive. This look works well with many different design styles and can look very timeless, depending on the colors you choose.

Try using a darker shade of the same color for the lower cabinets with a lighter shade for the upper cabinets or pick two different colors like a dark green on the bottom with a white or ivory on top. You could also do one color for the wall cabinets and a different color for your kitchen island. If you want to make a statement without going too bold, try using a classic or timeless color for the wall cabinets and use a bold color on the island.

Wrapping up Kitchen Cabinet Colors

When either painting or buying new cabinets, you’ll want to choose a color that you love because you’ll see it every day! Custom cabinet colors can look amazing while showcasing your personal style. Think about the look and feel you want for your space and choose a color that matches your personal style and makes you feel good! What color are you thinking about for your kitchen cabinets?

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