7 Best Bedroom Paint Color Ideas in 2024 

Have you noticed that the bedroom can significantly improve your mood?

Research in color psychology demonstrates certain hues’ positive impact on your emotional state and mental well-being, and the place that impacts this the most is nowhere else but your bedroom! 

Cool tones such as baby blue, navy, and hunter green have the potential to promote deep restful nights of sleep coupled with extensive relaxation. Bright shades like yellows and whites might stimulate you; they could even limit excessive snooze-button usage–a bonus! 

This blog will help you pick up interesting and fun bedroom paint color ideas. 

How To Navigate Through Bedroom Paint Color Ideas 

We know how overwhelming it gets to pick the right color for your bedroom. There are too many colors and it is just confusing. However, a few factors can help you pick the most suitable bedroom paint color ideas for your palette. 

To start, consider the size and dimensions of your bedroom. 

For instance, you can underscore high ceilings, opt for a light hue in your bedroom,you can create a cozy space for yourself in smaller bedrooms by painting it in darker shades. To draw attention to beautiful windows, one can employ various methods like painting the trim with an accent color or introducing patterned shades.

To lift your mood, introduce pops of color through paint, textiles, or artwork. Small details such as this can add a lot of difference to the look of your bedroom. 

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Now, it’s time to start imagining these soothing and uplifting colors in your bedroom. 

Expert-Approved Bedroom Paint Color Ideas 

Benjamin Moore White Dove

7 Best Bedroom Paint Color Ideas in 2024  1

Undoubtedly, White Dove OC-17 by Benjamin Moore is the quintessential paint color for your bedroom walls. This classic creamy white, embellished with warm gray undertones, enjoys unrivaled popularity as a wall color choice in bedrooms.

The bright white color exudes a warmth that fosters a cozy environment; it also possesses the advantage of being sufficiently light for enhancing spatial perception in smaller bedrooms.

Pairing White Dove with dark or medium wood floors, which do not enhance its slight yellow undertones, represents your optimal strategy. Therefore, it is imperative to abstain from pairing this wall hue with finishes of natural or honey oak wood flooring – along with warm-toned carpeting.

Light French Gray

7 Best Bedroom Paint Color Ideas in 2024  2

Light French Gray by Behr Paints follows as the next suggestion on our list of top bedroom wall color ideas. We particularly admire this neutral gray’s versatility, which trends towards a cooler spectrum with subtle undertones of blue and brown.

Do not confuse this serene and calm wall color from Behr with Sherwin-Williams’ Light French Gray; it proves significantly more effective for bedroom use.

By providing sufficient contrast against stark white trim and bedroom ceilings, it enhances the look and feel of a smaller room.

Light French Gray, unlike its two preceding off-white bedroom shades, harmonizes beautifully with natural or honey oak wood floors in a bedroom.

Its cool properties, temper the yellow undertones of lighter wooden floors: for those seeking a lighter gray bedroom hue, consider Behr’s Reflecting Pool featured lower on this list.

Calm by Benjamin Moore 

7 Best Bedroom Paint Color Ideas in 2024  3

Calm by Benjamin Moore is a warm, serene, and versatile gray, it stands as an optimal choice for painting bedroom walls. This soothing off-white tinged with hints of lilac and lavender-gray garners a profound appreciation from homeowners and designers. 

After a long day, the perfect shade of light gray, Calm dissipates stress.

In a comparison between Benjamin Moore’s Calm and White Dove, it is evident that the former exhibits purple undertones; furthermore, it leans more towards a gray shade than an off-white.

The lighting temperature and the quantity of natural sunlight your bedroom receives naturally impact this.

Calm, though favoring warmer tones, maintains a significant neutrality in wall hues. Consequently, it complements an array of flooring shades and various decorative items such as vibrant throw pillows or textured duvet bedding covers.

Reflecting Pool by Behr

7 Best Bedroom Paint Color Ideas in 2024  4

Many consider the Reflecting Pool as one of Behr’s most popular paint colors for bedrooms. They praise it for being an impeccable blend of cool blue, green, and hints of gray hues.

Undeniably, the Reflecting Pool adorns a neutral gray hue just like several other colors on this list. However, what truly captivates our admiration for this bedroom color is how charming it looks when paired with warm-toned or natural flooring.

Reflecting Pool, a cooler-leaning gray-blue wall tone, proves perfect for modern designs and sleek upscale bedroom decor; its charm amplifies notably when paired with dark-stained wood headboards, nightstands, and even the bedroom dressers.

If you feel like you need a pop of color in your bedroom, we have fun and exciting shade options as well. Here we go. 

Making Your Bedroom Colorful 

If you want a “pick me up” right in your bedroom, choose a color that makes you feel refreshed. You can even play around with different types of paint, textures, and shades to give a twist to your bedroom. 

We have collected some paint color ideas for bedrooms that you might like: 

Deep Red

7 Best Bedroom Paint Color Ideas in 2024  5

Craft a warm, polished bedroom where bewitching red walls instill romance. To emulate this look, consider Benjamin Moore’s Ruby Dusk. A vibrant accent pillow can boast an even bolder shade of red illuminating the space simultaneously maintaining tranquility, and coziness and hinting at intrigue.

BubbleGum Pink 

7 Best Bedroom Paint Color Ideas in 2024  6

How much pink is too much pink?

A fearless choice radiates in the bright bubblegum pink shade – think Benjamin Moore’s Deep Carnation. This harmonizes this youthful spirit in bedroom design, perfectly balancing out traditional elements such as an antique dresser and tight floral patterns.


7 Best Bedroom Paint Color Ideas in 2024  7

At every step of the decorating process, one should consult the color wheel: understanding which colors complement each other facilitates everything from ideation to shopping and ultimately living within your final masterpiece. 

Take inspiration from this gray and yellow bedroom. For a similar aesthetic, consider using Behr Premium Plus Ultra Bicycle Yellow; this shade undoubtedly embodies cheerfulness. Thus, if you intend to infuse warmth and energy into the space, or if it lacks abundant natural light, opting for this color would be an excellent choice.

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Which paint color is best for your bedroom? 

There are many colors which are great for your bedroom. For your bedroom paint color ideas, you could pick from soothing shades of blue, sage green, silver gray, dusky pink, and mauve. You could also pick out shades of white and cream. 

What color relieves stress? 

According to color psychology, blue is considered to be a tranquil color that brings peace and calm to your bedroom. Pick out the perfect shade of blue from a bunch of bedroom paint color ideas to relieve stress. 

What are the luckiest bedroom colors? 

According to Feng Shui, rich earthy tones like copper, cocoa, creme, and coral are good at making your bedroom comfortable. Or you can feel revitalized in your bedroom by adding colors that bring life to it like blue, green, and lavender as well.