When the New Year comes, it gives us a chance to refresh our homes by using colors that match with current trends and design inspirations. Whether you are planning for big changes or just small room updates, choosing the right paint shades is very important in getting the desired look and atmosphere. The blog below talks about some popular colors for 2024 along with advice from experts on how best to use them inside your house.

Want to know the colors for interior paint and decor that are going to be the talk of the town in 2024? 

Say no more! 

We have brought you this blog with the top 2024 color trends picked up by experts. There is one color for each mood! 

In this blog, you will find: 

  • Precise shade references and paint color ideas by professional brands 
  • General paint color ideas to set the mood for 2024 
  • Trendy and expert tips to amp up your interiors 
  • Some FAQs 

So let’s get ready to catch up with 2024 color trends! 

General Themes 

First, let us get to know some of the colors for interiors that are in trend. 

Dusty Blue

This year, everyone seems to be falling in love with shades of blue. They bring a classic beauty and adaptability that homeowners and designers can’t resist. The sophisticated color of dusty blue is both calming and fascinating, making it perfect for creating peaceful but interesting areas. Its grayish undertones give it a more refined look while its gentle, muted appearance easily matches many types of decoration styles; including modern as well as conventional designs. 

Modern Paint Color Trends For 2024 1
Dusty Blue (#8C9DAD)

Red places

Adding red to your decor brings life, warmth, and energy to spaces. Strong reds draw attention and are perfect for making a main point or highlighting something special. They bring visual interest in a fantastic way to neutral or monochromatic interiors. Whether it’s used subtly in accessories like cushions, rugs or artwork; or displayed more prominently in furniture or paint – pops of red will ignite feelings of passion and excitement. The sensory-stimulating qualities found within this color are also known to inspire lively conversation which makes it a wise choice for social spaces such as living rooms, dining areas, and other places where people gather for entertainment purposes. 

Modern Paint Color Trends For 2024 2
Red places (#FF0000)

Pastel Green

 For 2024, pastel green is gaining recognition as a paint color trend because of its soothing and rejuvenating qualities. This soft hue brings about calmness and equilibrium, ideal for designing serene places that are simultaneously invigorating – such spaces feel new yet cozy. With a touch of blue and yellow mixed in it, this light green shade gives more dimension to the area while also making it look fresh and open due to its appearance being light but not dull. This calming color resembles a bit of nature inside, promoting calmness and rejuvenation. It is perfect for every room in your house—especially areas where you wish to feel centered.

Modern Paint Color Trends For 2024 3
Pastel Green (#77DD77)

Soft Terracotta

Soft Terracotta provides a soothing shift from typical neutral colors, wrapping your living area in an environment of warmth and ease. This subtle shade blends smoothly with natural elements like wood and stone to produce a rural but refined atmosphere perfect for modern farmhouse or bohemian-style decoration. Feel free to mix softer versions of Terracotta with stronger accent hues such as deep navy or rich burgundy for more visual variety and difference.

Modern Paint Color Trends For 2024 4
Soft Terracotta (#E2725B)

Moody Charcoal

Make your space more elegant and profound with Moody Charcoal, a strong shade that adds depth and sophistication to every room. This traditional yet refined color goes well with many different palettes – soft pastels or lively jewel tones are all matched by this versatile hue which makes it suitable for modern interiors. Oody charcoal makes for one of the most excellent bedroom paint color ideas .

Modern Paint Color Trends For 2024 5
Moody Charcoal (#434955)

Getting overwhelmed by these beautiful shades? Reach out to us and our experts will help you pick a shade that truly resonates with your preferences!

Upward by Sherwin Williams 

Sherwin-Williams, for its 2024 Color of the Year, got inspiration from the heavens. It’s a gentle and lovely blue that appears to have some red hints, a little bit of grayness in it as well as certain natural features we connect with green. Depending on how you apply it, Upward can bring to mind Scandi slow living or coastal vibes. This shade is beneficial for those who want to make their surroundings more peaceful by providing a soothing contrast from today’s hectic pace.

Modern Paint Color Trends For 2024 6
Upward by Sherwin Williams (#BFC9D0)

Dunn Edwards – Skipping Stones

Like Upward from Sherwin-Williams, Skipping Stones gets its inspiration from the sky. Deming Carpenter, who is a color expert at Dunn-Edwards, describes this blue as “a perfect link between warm and cool.” This moody yet thoughtful blue is ideal for an interior space whether it’s seen on cabinets or all four walls; even in more subtle ways. Also, it fits well with other colors found in the New Dawn collection which are inspired by nature – these selections make up part of the brand’s wider 2024 Color + Design Trends choices.

Modern Paint Color Trends For 2024 7
Skipping Stones by Dunn-Edwards(#70959E)

Limitless by PPG

A color that truly matches its name, Limitless is a light yellow revealing energy and hopefulness. PPG’s color expert for the Glidden brand, Ashley McCollum describes it as a “modern honey beige” having the capacity to function like a neutral but show an evident shift from cool grays of past years. No matter if it’s supposed to bring out feelings of wellness, morning sunlight or historical design periods, this color can truly show what it means when applied on walls or kitchen cabinets among other places where you need some burst in colorful possibilities.

Modern Paint Color Trends For 2024 8
Limitless by PPG color code (#F3DBB7)

Blue Nova by Benjamin More

Another mid-toned blue, Blue Nova from Benjamin Moore, balances the warm and cool. Andrea Magno, who works as the Director of Color Marketing and Development for this brand says that Blue Nova is a “captivating and otherworldly” shade. She explains how it captures twilight’s spirit to create something magic-like. Magno also recognizes its matte finish for introducing a “velvety feel,” but she appreciates its flexibility as well–it can add an approachable excitement to kitchen islands, cabinetry or even front doors.

Modern Paint Color Trends For 2024 9
Blue Nova by Benjamin More (CC-860)

Bay Brown by York Wallcoverings

York Wallcoverings, selecting Bay Brown for 2024, has not chosen a plain neutral color like the greens and blues found in nature. This certain neutral is as wealthy as fertile soil or good leather. It is serious enough to be used in classic design situations yet it also has a deepness that makes it an interesting option for modern spaces with more moodiness. No matter the scenario where you use Bay Brown, there always remains an essence of peace but still a luxurious touch.

Modern Paint Color Trends For 2024 10

Need to amp up your living space besides the wall paint? These tips will come in handy!

General tips to go with the pAINT Color Trends For 2024

  1. Regardless of whether it is 2024 or any other year, neutrals never go out of trend. To make your living space look fresh, aesthetic, and trendy, prioritize neutral colors.
  2. If you want a pop of color, then choose your decor such as curtains and flooring in neutral colors to balance it out!
  3. Play around with different types of finishes. To enhance the looks of your interiors, choose to play around with finishes of different types of paint such as high gloss, satin, and much more.


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What color is replacing gray in 2024?

The neutral and dull gray can be replaced by a lively and beautiful beige in 2024 according to some experts.

What wall colors are trending right now?

Warm shades such as neutral white, beige, and much more are trending right now as they are inviting and fresh.

Are white walls still in for 2024?

Yes, white walls are still trendy in 2024 and they will always be a classic favorite as they give the versatility to play around with a number of colors in the rest of the decor elements.

What is the color forecast for 2024?

The color forecast for 2024 comprises neutral colors along with pops of color such as peachy tones, Apricot tones, and orange tones.