Painting With Grey

It may not be the first color that springs to mind when designing the interior of your home, but grey offers irresistible versatility and a modern alternative to the cream and beige palette.  Grey is a sophisticated neutral that can create either a contemporary or classic feel according to the treatment of each room.


The secret to using grey successfully is choosing exactly the right hue.  Grey tones range from warm to cool and include undertones of yellow, blue, green, pink or purple.  Choose from cool off-white tints through to deep earthy clay shades.


The light in a room will help you determine which shade of grey to use.  For a north-facing room use a grey with yellow or cream tints to reflect light.  In an east-facing room a pale grey with blue or green undertones works well with the blue quality of the light.  West-facing rooms receive warm light in the afternoon and evening so try a grey with a pink or red base.  All colors look good in the bright light of a south-facing room so you can afford to be more daring here.  Both warm and cool greys will work well.


There is a shade or tint of grey to suit every room.  Crisp greys work well with reflective surfaces like kitchen worktops and stainless steel sinks.  For a warmer feel, use yellow tones.

A bathroom can be given a coastal feel with bleached white-greys and sea-greens.  Or perhaps a more masculine look using stone grey paired with rich brown.

Modern luxury elegant bedroom interior, chandelier front

For a luxurious bedroom use grey with crimson or magenta.  An airier atmosphere can be created using light grey with a cool blue, while powdery grey teamed with chalky pinks or purples creates a romantic, vintage feel.

In a living room cool greys create a contemporary space, while warm greys paired with creams create an effortless classic elegance.  Blue or white grey can lend crispness to a room, while stone grey can be used to create a natural look, mimicking the muted tones of nature.

Accessorize grey with vivid color, texture or bold pattern.  Grey accessorized with royal purple, turquoise or emerald can look fabulous in a living room.  Add a striking rug or bright cushions and throws in jewel colors for an opulent effect.  Or try a feature wall in brilliant pink or hot orange to create drama.

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