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Exterior Paint Colors 1Choosing exterior paint colors has become a much more involved process for Minneapolis, MN painters.  Since gaining a greater understanding of the way humans perceive color on even a subconscious level, professional painters are able to work with a larger selection of colors.  This has led to an improvement in creativity reflected throughout modern residential architecture.  It has also led to a broadening of color options that extend beyond the traditional light colors used for homes.  There are many considerations that should be taken into account, and unfortunately, many Minnesota painters fail to do so before painting or repainting their homes.

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While choosing exterior paint colors should focus on the homeowner’s personal style, there are external factors that could lead to unintended results.  One is the environment surrounding the home.  Brighter colors tend to stand out more excessively in northern states like Minnesota, but are better suited for areas that receive exceptionally high levels of sunlight.  In wooded neighborhoods, some darker colors (especially those using earth tones) may cause a home to blend in with the natural scenery.  Landscaping should also be considered, especially if rocks, lights, or some other component is used to compliment the lawn.

Exterior Paint Colors 2It’s difficult to find a residential home in Minneapolis painted a single color, and for good reason: there are many elements built into a stylish home, and each one should feature its own color.  Therefore, Minnesota homeowners should consider a specific scheme when choosing exterior paint colors.  Elements such as trimmings or decks should usually feature a different hue of the base color used for the home.  Colors that contrast with the base should be reserved for doors and window seals.  The color scheme should, at least to some extent, reflect the styles used throughout the neighborhood.

While some regions of the home look better when accented, others look better when they blend in with the base color.  This includes components that, while necessary, tend to detract from a home’s look.  Gutters and downspouts, for example, play an important role in removing moisture, but are usually not very appealing visually.  By blending these components in with the base color, they become less noticeable and will not detract from the home’s visual appeal so much.

If you feel unsure of a selected color scheme, our professional Minneapolis, MN painters can offer expert advice on choosing exterior paint colors.  They will gladly examine your home and its surroundings, listen to your personal preferences, and craft a color scheme that works for you and your home.  We can also utilize special computer software that will add different shades of color to a picture of your home, providing a real time preview of how it will look before any work starts.  We utilize the highest quality paints to ensure color retention and maximum protection of your exterior walls.  A quality paint job from our Minnesota painters will have your house looking better than you thought possible, and is likely to improve its value.

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