Ideas For Country Kitchen Cabinets

My wife loves country kitchen cabinets, actually she just plain old loves the whole country feel. I am not referring to the country music style, more the open, self sufficient, no neighbors, wrap around porch style. We both would love to get out of the city someday and get on a handful of acres, plant some huge gardens and relax. This is our dream for our home someday.

In the meantime we, like many other people keep thinking about how we can bring the country to our city home. We have a chicken coop with two chickens, a huge (for our lot) garden and next is to turn our cabinets into some country kitchen cabinets.

In my opinion, to get that country feel in your kitchen or on your furniture, you need stay away from perfect finishes. I love a flawless finish, but that is not what you would ever see in that environment. However I am not saying that the finish cannot still look amazing. When I think of country kitchen cabinets, I think of dirty glazes, hand painted accents, dull or flat sheens, raw looking (yet still sealed) wood, stencils and well chosen wall paper.

One of my absolute favorite country kitchen cabinet looks is wainscoting cabinets with white enamel and a light glaze to give the cabinets some depth. This would be accented with a green painted and glazed center island.

Here is a gallery of country kitchens and furniture that I have collected to share with you. Hopefully this gives you the inspiration you need for your country kitchen cabinets.

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