5 Things to Tell Your Painter before He Paints

5 Things to Tell Your Painter before He Paints 1Your Minneapolis, Minnesota painters may seem like miracle workers, but that doesn’t mean that they are psychics. If you withhold important information from them, they may not be prepared to do their jobs properly. In order to avoid that kind of problem, you might as well open up about your situation early on. Here are five things you should tell your painters before they arrive.

1 – You Have Pets
Indoor pets may come into the work area when the painters are in your home. You need to try to cage your animals while the painters are in the house, or you need to move them outside. Just let your painters know where the pets are so they can avoid setting them free.

2 – You Have a Baby
If you are pregnant, you should not be around paint fumes. The same statement applies for new parents. Your baby cannot be exposed to the paint, so you need to let your painters know about the child’s presence. That way they can alert you before they start working, and they can prepare the room to have proper ventilation.

3 – You Have Wallpaper
It takes a long time to remove wallpaper before the painters can get to work. Let them know about this ahead of time so they can bring the right supplies and allot time for the removal.

4 – You Have Other Work Going on
If you have other renovation projects going on, let the painters know about them so they can schedule themselves around the other crews. They may not be able to work at the same time as some other contractors because of the dust that will be present in the air. If they cannot come at the right time, they may have to wait around for a long time to start working.

5 – You Have Crown Molding
The painters may need to get different paint for your molding, or they may need to bring enough tape to cover it up. That is why you have to let them know what they’re working with before they come.

Be honest with your Minneapolis painters before they come to your home, and they will be prepared to do the best job they possibly can.

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