Exterior Painting Ideas

Exterior Painting Ideas 7Exterior painting is an excellent way to quickly give your home a more stylish look while also incurring a higher property value.  Of course, painting is only part of the challenge; selecting the right colors can be a difficult task, and the consequences of choosing the wrong ones can be disastrous.  The best exterior painting ideas for a home will result from a variety of considerations, including any nearby plants, the surrounding scenery, and even the typical annual climate.  The home’s architectural style also plays an important role in developing exterior painting ideas.

What to see some examples? Exterior Painting Idea Gallery

When considering a new color scheme for your home, be sure to use neighboring houses as a source of home painting ideas.  You should always strive for at least some level of consistency when paining a house in a neighborhood.  While your home doesn’t necessarily have to be the same color as the others, you should try to avoid paints that will make it stand out excessively.  This may sound restrictive, but doing so is actually beneficial, as most of the work is already done for you.

Exterior Painting Ideas 8Modern homes have taken on a unique style from traditional preferences.  They take full advantage of the increased availability of colors in recent years and go further in expressing the owner’s personal style.  Many modern homes utilize calm, earth tones to provide a sense of luxury.  For a more stylish, hip look, many Minnesota painters are also using various hues of gray as the base color.  Although there is a place for some extravagant colors on modern homes, they should be used very sparingly for exterior painting.

Classic homes are everywhere.  These houses have stood the test of time and deserve the very best care a homeowner can offer.  So when it’s time to paint a historical or even Victorian style home, developing the right exterior painting ideas can be both fund and challenging.  The architecture of Victorian houses is especially well-known for providing enhanced definition, which typically calls for a painting scheme consisting of more than two colors.  Victorian homes typically benefit from bright, almost antique-looking colors for the base and darker colors used to highlight window trims, doors, and other noticeable architectural elements.  For most other classic houses, samples of paint used historically in the area will help develop a new color scheme.

Exterior Painting Ideas 9In addition to a home’s style, exterior painting ideas can also be affected by the weather.  As any professional Minnesota painter will note, lighter colors tend to stand out more in northern states.  Darker colors are usually more suitable, but not just for their aesthetic value.  Dark colors naturally absorb heat, which can help keep energy bills low during those long winter months.

If you feel unsure of your exterior painting ideas, we have a team of professional Minnesota painters ready to help.  We specialize in bringing out the best of any house, regardless of its style or surrounding environment.  We work closely with clients to determine their preferences and help bring their exterior painting ideas to life.

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