Bathroom Paint Ideas for a Large Bathroom

Looking for bathroom paint ideas? Look no further! This article will provide you with a variety of painting ideas for your bathroom that are both fun and functional. From bright pops of color to calming neutrals, there is sure to be a perfect solution for your needs.

Some popular options for bathroom painting include adding stripes or dots to a basic white or gray scheme, opting for a more muted color palette, or using eclectic brush strokes and textures to stand out. Whatever your preference, there’s sure to be an idea here that’ll suit your needs and personality.

So whether you’re in the market for something new or just want to refresh an old favorite, these paint ideas are sure to have you covered!

Bathroom Paint Idea #1: Bright, Modern and Bright Colors

Bathroom Paint Idea #1

Are you looking for a new bathroom paint idea? If so, consider using bold colors!

For this bathroom paint idea try mixing bold colors with industrial colors. The industrial grey tones down the green and makes everything work beautifully in this bathroom. All of the fixtures and decorations in this bathroom scream modern and are completely enhanced with the lime green contrasted by the grey faux finish.

Bold colors can really stand out and make your bathroom look vibrant and fresh. Not only will they make a statement, but they’ll also help to create a relaxing and comfortable environment. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Play with shades of blue or green. They’re classic colors that are sure to be popular, but they can also be eye-catching and unique.
  • Try pink or purple. These colors are often associated with luxury and elegance, but they can also be pretty fun and playful too.
  • Think about using brighter colors like yellow or orange. They’re definitely attention-grabbing, but they’re also relatively easy on the eyes.

Bathroom Paint Ideas #2: Classic Naturals with Painted Woodwork

Classic Bathroom Paint Idea

Looking for a natural bathroom paint color? Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Try a light blue or green.
  • If you have a white bathroom, consider using a light gray or cream color as your base.
  • For an updated look, try adding pops of color with complementary shades of pink or yellow.
  • Stay away from dark colors like black and navy if you want a natural feel. Instead, go for softer hues like beige or tan.
  • Finally, keep in mind that different surfaces will require different paints in order to achieve the desired look. For example, if your bathroom has textured walls, use a paint that sticks to surface imperfections like Mohawk flooring.

This is bathroom paint idea is a very common and classy look that combines an off white (Typically a Dove White or Antique White) on the trim, windows, doors and cabinets with a tan or brown. The wall colors typically avoid going to dark to keep with the light woodwork.

Bathroom Paint Ideas #3: Bold Primary Colors

Primary Colors - Bathroom Paint Ideas

The best bathroom paint colors can add life to a small room and make it feel more spacious. Some people prefer a bold color scheme in their bathroom, while others may prefer more muted colors that won’t shout from the walls. Here are some popular primary bathroom paint colors:

Gray – A gray color is a great option for a bedroom or bathroom because it can be calming and relaxing. It’s also versatile, so you can change the color scheme whenever you want without having to completely redo the room.

Cream – Cream is another popular choice for bathrooms because it’s soft and delicate-looking. This color can work well with both modern and traditional décor styles, so you’re sure to find something that suits your needs.

Taupe – Taupe is another popular color for bathrooms because it’s versatile and goes with everything.

Bathroom Paint Ideas #4: Faux Finishes

Faux Finishes - Bathroom Paint Ideas

A painted fuax finish is the process of painting to walls of your bathroom to look like something they are not. Maybe it’s to replicate a great wallpaper pattern you saw, marble walls, flowers, anything you desire.

With a large space you can do just about any bathroom paint idea you would like. A simple sponge faux finish or any other finish you would like to try can be made to look exotic, elegant, industrial or any other feel you are going for

Bathroom Paint Ideas #5: Dark Colors

Dark Colors - Bathroom Paint Ideas

This paint idea is simple, the reality is that with a small space a dark color is going to make the room feel even smaller and cramped. With a large open space you can make the room feel elegant and warm with dark paint colors.

Looking for a dark bathroom paint color that will really stand out? Check out these three options.

  1. If you’re looking for a dramatic change, go with black or navy. These colors will create an intense and moody atmosphere in your bathroom.
  2. If you’re looking to add some depth to your color palette, consider opting for a dark green or brown. These colors will help to balance out the bright and bold colors in your bathroom.
  3. If you want something more subtle, choose a light purple or pink instead. These colors will still add some drama and pizzazz to your bathroom, but they won’t be as attention-grabbing as some of the other options on this list.

Bathroom Paint Ideas #6: Go Crazy

Crazy Bathroom Paint Ideas

When you think about it, your bathroom is the perfect place to go crazy with some creative paint ideas. After all, who doesn’t love a little bit of color in their space? Whether you’re looking for a bold statement or something more subtle, these 10 bathroom paint ideas will have you inspired.

1) Bright neon colors are always popular and perfect for a fun bathroom. Add some fun spikes of color to brighten up your space and get people talking.

2) If you’re looking for something a little more subdued, try out some lighter shades of paint. They’ll still add a splash of color but won’t be as attention-grabbing.

3) For an even more simplistic look, go with one solid color throughout your bathroom. This can be anything from light cream to dark browns and blacks.

Ready to use some of these bathroom paint ideas in your own home?

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