The Best Interior Paint Colors For Resale

Painting your home before you sell it is a great idea. Painting offers the best ROI of home renovation projects, will help your home stand out from the crowd, sell faster, and for the most money.

There are a couple of main reasons to paint your home before selling. First, fresh paint can help to increase the value of your home. Second, painting your home can help to make it look its best – both from the outside and the inside. Finally, painting can oftentimes clean up any issues that may have occurred during the construction or renovation of your home. 

Interior Paint colors for resale

But what paint colors should you use when getting your home ready to sell.

When you’re painting your home for sale, it’s important to think about the colors that will best appeal to potential buyers. While there is no one right answer, there are a few popular interior paint colors that will work well for most homes. Consider neutrals like white, beige, and light grey, or warm tones like brown, gold, and bronze.

Easy Rules For Painting Before You Sell

Before you choose your favorite paint colors, there are some general rules to follow:

Pick two or three colors that go together well.

When painting your home, it is important to select colors that go well together. Here are some key tips to help you pick the right colors:

Once you have chosen a few colors, take into account what the room will be used for. For example, a living room should be light and airy while a bedroom may need a darker color to help sleep well.

You may also will want to consult with a professional

If you have any concerns about color matching or have specific requests such as adding a backsplash in the kitchen or changing out window treatments.

Follow neighborhood trends

Sellers should stick with the norm when it comes to colors. Buyers who want a more traditional house will prefer traditional colors. Sellers can use traditional colors such as Sherwin Williams’ Williamsburg Wythe Blue or Claret.

Choosing Your Paint Colors

Neutrals are the best color for homes. You should use them in every room, including the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, etc. Having too many colors will make your house look messy and cluttered.

Note: Having too many colors will cost you money and time due to left over half gallons and cleaning

You should use the same color throughout the entire room to make it look more spacious. To add some variety, you can use different colors in different rooms, but keep it to a minimum. However, when painting your walls, you should stick to neutral colors.

Stick to Neutrals

Neutrals are safe bets because they’re neutral colors, people tend to not love or hate them too much.

Neutrals are great for painting your walls because they make any room appear more spacious. You should choose a neutral color scheme for your living room. You may love orange, but most people won’t.

Keep it consistent

Less is more when choosing paint colors for your interior. Use a light color for the primary living spaces, such as the living room, family rooms, entryways, dining rooms, and kitchens. Select a lighter shade at least 2 shades lighter or darker than the floors you plan to install. This will increase the space of each room.

People should use more lights in their homes to make them seem brighter. This makes the room appear bigger and brighter.

Be Careful with White

White paint makes homes appear larger than they really are. This is because light reflects off the walls making them seem larger.

For this reason, white is an easy color to use when designing a space. It is light, neutral, and looks great.

But whis is also hard to get right. Most whites will have some sort of underlying tone, whether cool or warm. Cool tones can make a room feel cold and sterile. Warm tones can make a room look dirty or dingy.

Greyish Blue

Greyish blue paint colors are perfect for making a room seem more spacious. They can also be used to create a more serene mood, depending on the rest of the décor. If you want to create a more energetic or active atmosphere, try using brighter shades of blue.

These blue-gray paint colors are very popular for bathrooms because they make the room feel calm and soothing. They also help sell your home when you put them up there. You should definitely choose one color for the whole house, but if you want to freshen things up, these colors are great!

Greige (Greyish Beige)

Greyish beige paint colors are perfect for people who want a paint color that is not too bold or too light. This color palette is great for people who have a more traditional style of painting or who want to use a more subtle color scheme. These colors can be used in any room in your house and will make the room look cohesive and professional.

Best Grey Paints

Grey is one of the most popular paint colors because it can be used in a variety of settings and looks great on almost any surface. It’s perfect for rooms that need a little bit of color but don’t want to break the bank.

Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williamsn is ranked 1 by real estate agents.

Abalone by Benjamin Moores pairs well with a wide variety of interior colors.

Silver point is a cool, silver color that makes rooms appear more modern.

Beige Paints

Beige is a great color for any room in your home. It’s versatile and can go with just about anything, whether it’s a modern or traditional design. Plus, it’s neutral enough that it can work with most decors. If you’re looking for a beige paint color that will make your home look more polished and upscale, try Bedford Beige. It’s a light but rich beige that will give your walls the perfect amount of depth and richness.

Accessible Beigeby Sherwins Williams departs from traditional beiges. Its grayish undertone prevents it from exuding the dreaded yellow tint in the daylight.

Kilimbeige is a warm beige leans more brown than an orange. Perfect for ranch and Tuscan styled homes.

Kitchen Paint Colors

Adding a splash of color to your kitchen can be a fun and simple way to brighten up the space. Here are some popular paint colors that can work well in a kitchen setting:

  • Turquoise: A cool, calming color that can add a touch of luxury to any kitchen.
  • Rose: A classic favorite that is both masculine and feminine, perfect for any kitchen.
  • Mauve: An earthy color that is perfect for adding warmth and interest to a room.
  • Green: A natural choice for a fresh and modern kitchen.
  • Peach: Sweet and calming, this color is perfect for kitchens with children or pets in attendance.
  • Gray: A versatile option that can add sophistication or minimalism to any kitchen style.

Best white paint colors for the cabinets

White is always a safe bet when it comes to paint colors.

Linen White by Benjamin Moore is a classic cream white that suits warm wood floors.

Gray Mist by Benjamin Moore is a slightly gray toned white that is softer than starker shades of white.

Carter Crème by Magnoia is an antique white that brings country charm to cabinetry in farmhouse kitchens.

Paint your kitchen island navy, grey, or a soft blue, and you’ll give your kitchen a touch of trendy style without a big commitment. You can easily repaint an island, but it’s much harder to change cabinet colors.


The first thing you’ll want to consider is your décor. Does your bathroom have a contemporary or traditional look? If it’s the latter, then go with a warmer color like orange or coral. These colors will make the room look inviting and comfortable.

If you have a more modern bathroom, then go with cool colors like blue or green. They’ll give the space a refreshing feel.

Another thing to keep in mind is your bathroom’s function. Is it for everyday use or just for special occasions? If it’s just for special occasions, then go with brighter colors that will stand out more.

Pale blue is a great choice for making a smaller room feel lighter, friendlier and more spacious. White is a popular choice for bathrooms because it makes them

Choosing The Right Finish

The three most popular paint sheens are flat, eggshell, and satin. Each has its own unique benefits that can make a big difference in the finished product. Here’s a quick look at each:

Flat paint sheen is the most common type and is easy to apply. It gives a dull, slightly textured appearance that’s perfect for everyday use.

Eggshell paint sheen is ideal for high-end applications or those looking for a more luxury look. It has a smooth, shiny appearance that can be very stunning.

Satin paint sheen is the most delicate of the three and works best for detailed applications or areas with lots of fine detail. It gives a very high-quality finish that looks like it’s been put on with a brush rather than paint.

Forget the Trim

Typically, when getting your home ready to sell, painting the trim is unnecessary and usually produces a much lower ROI.

However, if your trim is in bad shape, painting it could be a great idea.

Typically a satin white color pops next to any greys, beiges, blue greys, or other colors.

Wrapping Up The Best Interior Paint Colors For Resale

In conclusion, the colors you choose for your home’s interior can have a big impact on its resale value. These are just a few of the best colors to choose if you’re looking to get the most for your home when it comes time to sell. So, before you start painting, be sure to do your research and go with one of these popular colors.

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