How to Avoid Spray Paint Drip Marks

If you are planning to spray paint something in your home, you might be worried about those dreaded drip marks that every person seems to get. While these may seem unavoidable at times, they are the result of poor painting techniques. Why do you think professional painters are able to spray paint cabinet doors and large walls without any drips at all? It is because they have the tools and expertise to do the job the right way. In order to get the same results they do, follow the tips below.


Spray in Light Layers
The key to having a nice, smooth finish with spray paint is to use light layers. Rather than trying to coat everything in one shot, allow one layer to dry completely before applying another. This may take more time, but it will allow you to get a nice, even layer of paint that won’t drip. By rushing through the paint job, you build up more paint on the surface than what can easily dry. The result is a lovely line of drippage every time.

Spray Parallel to the Ground
Don’t point the nozzle of the spray can down. That will reduce the amount of paint that can come through the distribution hose. Instead of doing that, you need to spray parallel to the ground so that the hose can suck up as much paint as possible. This follows the same theory of trying to using a pen to write on the ceiling. It won’t work long because the ink can’t get to the tip of the pen. Keep that in mind as you start using spray paint.

Refill Often
You may notice your spray paint looking worse as you run out of paint. That is because there is less paint coming through the nozzle to create the pressure needed for proper spraying. If you are using a standard spray can, get a new one when it ¾ empty. If you are using a spray gun, make sure there is a decent amount of paint available at all times. This will ensure smooth results every time.

If you cannot get your spray paint to look right, call on some professional painters to get the job done for you. They can be out in no time to make your project look the way it should.

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