Covering Up Ugly Brick Walls

Brick can be an attractive building material, but over time that brick wall can fade, chip and crack, leaving behind an exposed brick wall that ruins the good looks of a room. If your home has one or more of these exposed brick walls, you have a number of options for covering it up and giving that space a whole new life.

The Cover and Paint Approach


You can always cover the entire brick wall to hide it from view and make it a more integral part of the room. Cut a piece of drywall to the same size as the exposed brick wall you want to cover. Attach it to the brick wall using a fast-fixing glue. Press the drywall sheet into place and wait for the glue to dry.

Paint the drywall as you would with any other interior wall in a color that matches the rest of your interior design. You can jazz the wall up further with painted designs, including stencils.

Create a Textured Look

Cover the exposed brick wall with cement render if you want to maintain the texture of the wall. Cement render is also known as stucco, and it is generally made up of sand, cement and lime plaster. You can choose from textured, troweled or polished cement render or stucco. Apply the render according to the instructions on the package.

If stucco is not your style, you may prefer the look of a fine veneer or textured stone. Apply a veneer to the exposed brick wall to cover it up and make it look better. You can find veneers made of a number of designed, including sandstone, tile, stones and small pebbles.

The veneer can be applied to the brick using a special adhesive available from the same hardware stores and home improvement centers that sell the veneer itself. Choose a design and a veneer that matches the style and decor of your home.

Cover Up the Wall

If you prefer, you can simply disguise and cover up that unsightly brick wall. Cover the exposed brick wall with fabric panels or with a single large curtain. You can also use adhesive to hang pictures and artwork directly on the exposed brick wall if you like.

Transform That Brick Wall into a Work of Art


You do not have to live with that unsightly brick wall, and with the right approach you may not even need to cover it up. If you paint the individual bricks, you can transform the look of the entire wall and give it an entirely new appearance.

Paint individual bricks in the wall to create a pattern. Change the paint to create a new look whenever you want. While this does not strictly cover up the exposed brick wall, painting the bricks can make them more attractive.

Create a Wall Photo Gallery

Place a room divider in front of the exposed brick wall to hide it. You can choose a room divider consisting of a number of photo frames, and use that to transform your ugly brick wall into a picture gallery. Measure the brick wall, then purchase enough room dividers to cover the entire wall. You can disguise the top of the brick wall with sheer curtains or decorative panels.

These tips can help you make the most of your exposed brick wall, either by covering it up, disguising it or transforming it. With the right tools and the right techniques, you can transform that ugly old wall into a place of uncompromising beauty and style.

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