How To Hire An Exterior House Painter

Do you want to achieve your Dream Home instantly? Instead of spending hours looking up real estate listings or browsing new homes out of your budget, let Minneapolis Painting Company make your dreams a reality when you hire an exterior house painter today!

hiring an exterior painting company
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When you hear these words, do you feel instantly inspired or have feelings of uncertainly on where to even begin when it comes to hiring a professional exterior painter?

At Minneapolis Painting Company, our certified and experienced exterior painters would love to help guide you in the process of hiring a professional exterior painter!

Let us show you how to fall in love with your home again, guaranteed instantly! Furthermore, let us help you find out how it’s easier than you think to fit your style, within your budget, especially in the world’s current times, and hire the best painter for the job!

Hiring A Certified and Experienced Exterior Painter

So you’ve decided this might be the option for you, and we are excited and here to help!

Things You Must Know First Before Hiring An Exterior Painter

When it comes to all homes, it’s essential to know as a homeowner houses will eventually need a new coat of paint every few years. Repainting, unfortunately, is out of our human control due to the ongoing weather changes and natural elements.

If you’re in the market for a new paint job, hiring a professional exterior painter will end up saving you time and hard-earned money over attempting to take on the job yourself!

Interviewing your Exterior Painter- Important Questions To Ask

Here at Minneapolis Painting Company, we want you to have the best experience possible, and that’s why before choosing and hiring a professional exterior painter, you should always interview the company and painters ahead of time!

Here are some Important Interview Questions You Should Always Ask:

  • Are you licensed, insured, and certified? Does the same go for those coming to work alongside you?
  • Could you show me examples of your previous completed work? How many houses have you worked on in the past?
  • Tell me what goes into prep work and clean up? Also, what supplies and costs have you included in my quote?
  • Is a warranty included? If so, how long will my warranty last and what will it cover?
  • Are you running any sales and/or offering any promotions currently?

How To Discuss Your Exterior Painter Job with Your Painter

You will know right away if you’re in good hands when meeting your potential exterior painter. If you notice the painting company and the painter are transparent and straightforward with you and don’t a particular language or dialect, this is an excellent sign!

If you choose us, here at Minneapolis Painting Company, we can make a promise always to be clear, transparent, and upfront with you!

First, you should have an interview! Use the guided list of questions above to get a feel and what to expect from the painting company.

Next, you will need to go over more important questions with the company and painter before they begin.

  • Ask if they will include the paint cost in the estimate or quote given.
  • Next, the painter should share with you what types of paints they use, if they are good quality, and why they feel that paint is the best option for your home!

Learn More About The Process By Asking Your Exterior Painter

  • Ask your painter, how many coats of paint will you be applying to my home before completion?
  • Find out the estimated length of time it takes for the job to be fully completed.
  • Ask about their waterproofing processes they use to seal your new paint. This is important as you will want your paint to be long-lasting!
  • Finally, ask how the exterior painter and hired workers plan to cover the non-paintable areas to give you the best end results!

How To Hire An Exterior House Painter: Why Hiring An Exterior Painter Is Best

How To Hire An Exterior House Painter: Exteriro Painting on a sunny day

If you have settled on the company you would like to hire along with an honest, certified, experienced exterior painter; you can now rest assured!

Let us tell you why in the end this will be the better option! By hiring out your exterior painting job to a trusted professional, you will remain safe and not have to worry about ladders or climbing up on your roof.

It sounds like a good idea, but painting on your own takes twice as long! You will find choosing to leave it to the professionals will help you achieve your dream look quicker and is a wonderful, wise investment.

You’ll save so much time and hard-earned money avoiding the costs of buying all the supplies it takes that you most likely won’t often use.

Lastly, you can sit back and enjoy the quality achieved when you see the final results of your refreshed home! We can make a promise to you that you’ll 100% know it was done right and will last a long time!

Quality Services vs. DIY Painting

If you trust us with the job at Minneapolis Painting Company, you will be 100% satisfied as a homeowner that you hired one of our friendly, insured, and qualified exterior painters!

You will be thrilled with the time you saved avoiding countless hardware store trips to get odds and ends needed to complete the project.

Lastly, you will be confident in the quality of the finished project, as Minneapolis Painting Company will save you hours researching the correct types of paint, waterproofing sealers, etc.

Saving Your Time and Money

At Minneapolis Painting Company we know firsthand that painting can be more complicated than it looks, especially without professional experience.

We are more than happy to save you the time and trouble of starting the project yourself and then finding you additionally need to spend more money to hire someone to finish the job if it didn’t work out as planned.

Let’s work together and erase the stress of having to afford all the tools needed, finding trusted resources to buy paint in bulk, and hiring helpers. We can assure you that we only hire the best and most qualified painters for the job!

Minneapolis Painting Company values their customers as they are their biggest priority!

Wrapping it Up

Use this guide to be educated and ready to hire an exterior painter who will help you transform your home into the home of your dreams! We are ready to help and hope you’re as excited to get started as we are, we can’t wait to show you what your home can look like!

Now that you know the steps it takes to hire and choose the best company for you, the many benefits of hiring an exterior painter, money-saving tips, and the time-saving choices you will gain, let’s get started transforming your home today!