When Is The Best Time To Paint Indoors?

Do you wish your home looked more up-to-date with the current popular paint styles? Do you ever look at your walls, and they seem so tired? Finally, have your current neighbors recently painted indoors, and you’re super envious of how open and beautiful it made their home look? But, you may be wondering when is the best time to paint indoors?

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The Inside Scoop On Interior Painting

Here at Minneapolis Painting Company, we’ve started the New Year with the hopes of bringing in a fresh new start! We feel like, as a homeowner, you can too, and one of the best ways could be choosing to paint the interior of your home!

If the idea of painting your home soon inspires you and you want to know more, or maybe you’re still deciding your best plan of action, let us show you why hiring an interior painter this winter to help you paint indoors will be such a great choice! We can assure you that right now is the perfect time of year to paint inside your home for many reasons!

In this article, we will discuss why it’s the ideal time of year for indoor painting and why this will be the best decision as a homeowner you can make to add value to your home quickly and easily! We will also share what time of year is best and how hiring a professional interior painter will save you time money and give you the stunning results you were hoping to see!

When Is The Best Time To Paint Indoors?

During the winter will be the best time for indoor painting. Does this surprise you? The professionals here at Minneapolis Painting Company suggest this time of year to be the best for many important reasons! First, think about the type of air you typically see in the winter. In the winter, you’ll usually find the air to be dry due to the cold winds and temperature drops.

It’s a known fact that most humans like to “hibernate in the winter” and will want to avoid the cold, dry air as much as possible. However, the cold air excites us as painters because this is a tremendous natural perk! Why, you ask? Well, this dry, cold air is the type of air you’re going to want while painting because it helps your paint dry faster and more evenly!

In addition, cold winter air has less humidity which is essential to our painters because the humidity and extra moisture you have during the warmer months prevents the paint from sticking correctly. Therefore, you will receive faster and more even drying results by choosing the winter to tackle your painting needs!

As a homeowner, the words fast and excellent results are always exciting to hear because we know you will always be on the hunt to avoid home repairs and issues, if possible!

The Importance Of Avoiding Humidity

We know it’s an eye-opener to many homeowners who probably will not think about the weather contributing to painting! Humidity and extra moisture are a big no-no as they can additionally cause cracking, peeling, or uneven drying areas in your painted area and along your walls. As mentioned above, we also shared how moisture acts as a barrier between the paint and your painted surfaces, and as a result, your paint will not stick correctly to the surfaces it needs to. What a nightmare!

Contractos Have More Free Time In The Winter

When you decide to paint indoors this winter, you will find it much easier since everything likes to slow down in the winter when it gets cold outside! Brr! Since everything will slow down and outdoor maintenance on your home will likely become almost non-existent, you will be able to give your time and attention to your indoor home areas.

Why You Should Avoid Painting Indoors In The Warmer Weather

According to us at Minneapolis Painting Company, our biggest recommendation to homeowners is to hire your interior painters during the winter as opposed to the summer. Of course, we’re always willing to help you all year round whenever you need us, but let’s look at more reasons why this is the best time of year for painting.

When it comes to the warm months within the year, there are excellent reasons why it’s not ideal for painting. Warm air is going to create moisture and humid temperatures. The nature of warm, sticky air will cause your paint to not only dry improperly, but can also encourage your paint to crack, peel, dry unevenly, and thin.

Since the extra moisture in humid weather causes issues when the paint is applied, unfortunately, this moisture will get caught between the wall and the paint. When moisture sticks between the wall and paint, this causes paint to separate from the wall. Sadly, as a result, the paint will struggle to stick to your walls, and this could create air pockets. What a mess!

As you can see, the warm-weather months create potentially significant problems for homeowners as you will find you have to repaint or repair painted areas much sooner than you would have desired.

What a nightmare you could easily avoid!

Why Painting In The Winter Saves You Money

Painter Painting A WAll

Since you’re a wise homeowner, you will feel good knowing ahead of time the issues painting in the humid, warm months will cause you.

Knowing these proven facts will save you money in the end because your indoor paint will last so much longer than it would have!

Interior painting will almost always be cheaper during the winter months due to a handful of running sales and promotions that arise during the beginning of the year! Thanks to these sales and promotions, you will save even more money, and who doesn’t love saving money?

Outdoor Home Maintainance

Next, if you’re a homeowner, then you know what else warmer months will always bring along. In the warmer months of the year, it’s typical to find yourself spending lots of time and money on outdoor maintenance such as mowing, weeding, landscaping, decks, patio, etc.

Due to the cold temperatures, most homeowners’ outdoor home maintenance needs will drop to a crazy low rate in the winter. When home maintenance and improvement needs decrease, this means you won’t be devoting your time and money to these improvements as much.

You’re also going to be saving more money when you’re less likely to go out of your house like you find yourself doing when it’s way warmer out.

Staying Safe and Healthy During the Risk of COVID-19

We know here at Minneapolis Painting Company, the past few years haven’t been easy. Many of our customers are dealing with the pandemic and worries of contracting COVID-19 or have already contracted it. If you choose to hire one of our professional indoor painters, rest assured that we always take the proper precautions to keep germs at bay and still help you as a customer.

Additionally, we’ve watched along with you the many price inflations happening, but we do have great news when it comes to this! We are happy to say it’s more affordable now than ever!

Remember that promotions, seasonal offers, and sales will further make your painting project even easier on your wallet!

Why You Should Hire A Professional Interior Painter

It’s always the best idea to hire a professional painter, and we promise you’ll never regret this decision! Let the experienced professionals at Minneapolis Painting Company help you save your time and money from taking on such a vast project.

First, Minnesota Painting Company promises to provide a highly professional, certified painter every time you choose to work with us! We only select and work with the best and most knowledgable painters out there, so we can guarantee you’ll always receive the most professional and best quality painting experience guaranteed!

Next, when you choose to put your trust in one of our certified professional painters, you’ll receive a long-lasting flawless paint application from our highly trained painters!

Lastly, you will save yourself the time, money, and trouble of trying to find and purchase the correct supplies for your painting project. You’ll be able to enjoy the drastic transformation within your home, in a fraction of the time, without the need to reach out and hire a painter for corrections. You will already know your painting job will be done right!

At Minneapolis Painting Company, we also know that in the winter, your immunity is down, so rest assured as we take the proper COVID-19 precautions to keep your family along with our valued painters safe and healthy when we visit you and carry out a painting project!

Get Started Now

At Minneapolis Painting Company, painting is what we love most! We hope reading this post has inspired you to make your home fresh and new with indoor painting this winter. Allow us to show you how easy it can be and how a little paint can go such a long way and end up transforming your home!

Lastly, now that we’ve covered why it’s best to choose winter months to refresh your paint, what seasons to avoid, and the time and money you will save investing in a certified painter for a quality painting experience, you will feel ahead of the game!

This year when Spring rolls around, you will be the talk of your neighborhood with your modernized, updated interior paint! We know you’ll be in love with the results, and your house will feel new and fresh without hassle!

Are you ready to book a professional, highly certified painter today? Then, you can go here to get started!

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