Popular Kitchen Paint Colors for 2022

Looking to update the paint color in your kitchen for 2022? Changing up the paint is an inexpensive way to make a big impact and add some personal style to your space. Popular Kitchen Paint Colors can make a huge difference in the overall look and feel of your home. They can even impact your home’s value which is something to think about if you’re trying to sell. Here are some popular kitchen paint colors for 2022. Blue, Green, and Teal Kitchen Paint Colors

Popular Kitchen Paint Colors

The calming colors of blue, green, and teal have been popular for a few years now and for good reason! These soothing shades remind us of nature and evoke a sense of peace. From coastal to modern styles, shades of blue and green are a lovely and on-trend addition to any kitchen.

Popular Kitchen Paint Colors:


Popular Kitchen Paint Colors for 2022 1

Landscape by Benjamin Moore is a pretty green shade with hints of gray that will brighten up your kitchen and remind you of spring meadows. It’s a great choice for walls and looks amazing next to fresh white or natural wood kitchen cabinets.

After the rain

SW 9047
After the Rain
SW 9047 – After the Rain

After the Rain by Sherwin Williams is a bright, happy blue that reminds you of the sun coming out after a rain shower. This color is bold so use it in a way that suits your style! To add a subtle hint of color and vibrancy, put it on walls that have cabinets or windows and not much wall space. To make more of a statement, try putting it on a large accent wall.

Aegean Teal

Aegean Teal

Benjamin Moore’s Aegean Teal is a midtone blue gray with a hint of green. if you’re looking for a fun way to add a fresh pop of color without adding too much color, this shade may be perfect for you. It has enough color to add interest without being too bold. This shade looks fantastic on kitchen cabinets, walls, or accent pieces in the kitchen.


SW 6191

The soothing gray green of Contented by Sherwin Williams is the perfect choice to bring a sense of calm to your kitchen. It would fit perfectly into a farmhouse or modern farmhouse style kitchen and complements white, cream, and tan shades very well.

Quiet Rain

Quiet Rain
50BG 64/028

Quiet Rain by PPG is a light blue gray color with purple undertones and a bit of a misty feel. For a sophisticated coastal look, try putting it next to white cabinets and modern stainless steel appliances. If you prefer a more rustic style, use it next to natural wood colors like tan. Add darker gray accents to make the color pop.


SW 6438

Looking for something that stands out and really showcases your personal style? If you like green, try Dill by Sherwin Williams This modern green paint color works great on kitchen cabinets and looks very high end when paired with black or gold accents. Try putting it on lower cabinets and pair it with white or cream upper cabinets to add some dimension to your kitchen.

Halcyon Green

SW 6213
Halcyon Green

If you’re looking for a gray green with a hint of blue, try Halcyon Green by Sherwin Williams. This medium shade can look more blue or more green depending on the light. It looks beautiful on walls or as a cabinet color. Since the color can look so different depending on the light, get a sample and try painting a swatch in several different places in your kitchen to make sure you like the shade in different light and at different times of the day before you paint the whole room.

Gray and White Kitchen Paint Colors

Neutral paint colors never go out of style! Whether you like warm or cool hues, gray and white shades are both versatile and timeless. These neutral colors are a great base to add color to and look amazing with many different design styles. Try one of these shades to give a modern update to a classic gray or white kitchen for 2022.

Gray Screen

SW 7071
Gray Screen

Gray screen by Sherwin Williams is a crisp, clean, true gray color with blue undertones. It’s a cool gray that will remind you of skipping stones on a lake or being out on the ocean on a misty day. This color works well on either kitchen walls or cabinets. Gray screen is very versatile and looks fantastic with all sorts of colors which makes it easy to pair with what you already have in your kitchen.

Quarry Rock

Quarry Rock

Do you like bold neutrals? Quarry Rock by Benjamin Moore is a sophisticated, smoky gray hue that looks great in modern kitchens. The color is a bit dark and really stands out in kitchens with lots of natural light. Put it on your walls for a dramatic, contemporary feel, or use it as an accent color.

Lazy Gray

SW 6254
Lazy Gray

Lazy Gray by Sherwin Williams is a lighter neutral that is attractive on both cabinets and walls. This medium light gray has blue undertones and is very versatile. It fits well with many styles, including coastal, modern, farmhouse, and others. Try pairing Lazy Gray on cabinets with white walls to make your kitchen appear bright and spacious.


SW 6207

If dark colors are more your style, you might like Retreat by Sherwin Williams. This modern neutral is a dark gray with green undertones. It works well as a cabinet color or an accent color. Try using it on your kitchen cabinets and pair it with one of the neutral wall colors above to make the green stand out.


SW 7008

For a lovely, warm white color try Alabaster by Sherwin Williams. This shade can really brighten up your kitchen and is the perfect neutral background to complement a variety of colors. It’s beautiful as a kitchen cabinet color and looks great on walls as well. Use it to freshen up a kitchen that looks dingy or dark. The warm white feels homey and cozy and works well with farmhouse and coastal styles.

Decorator’s White

Decorator's White

If you prefer your white on the cooler side check out Decorator’s White by Benjamin Moore. With gray, purple, and blue undertones this color has a sophisticated, modern feel and pairs well with stainless steel appliances and marble countertops. Decorator’s white has a clean fresh look that pairs well with lots of different colors.



Metropolitan by Benjamin Moore is a calming, sophisticated shade of neutral gray with yellow and green undertones that can look slightly blue in certain light. It pairs well with warm wooden floors and cabinets. Try it with a bold Navy for a modern look, or incorporate lighter blues and greens for a coastal style kitchen.


SW 7675

If you like a more industrial or modern look, try Sealskin by Sherwin Williams. This dark brownish gray is a great contrast to bright whites and works well as a bold wall color or accent color. To add a sense of drama without going too dark, use Sealskin on trim or molding. For maximum impact, paint your entire kitchen with this rich, dark color.

Sunny Kitchen Paint Colors

These bright and cheery shades are a nice choice for any kitchen. If you’re looking for a color that will bring in some energy and light, why not go with a yellow or orange? Try one of these sunny kitchen colors to add some warmth and brighten up your space.

Pineapple Mousse


You’ll love the buttery yellow shade of Pineapple Mousse by Valspar. Use this color to brighten up walls and give your kitchen a warm, homey feel. Perfect for farmhouse kitchens and bohemian styles, you’ll enjoy waking up to this cheery color everyday as you have your morning coffee.


SW 6615

Looking for something a bit darker and richer? Try Peppery by Sherwin Williams. This rich orange color reminds you of sunsets in the desert on warm summer evenings. The bold color will really set apart your kitchen and works well paired with dark gray or tan cabinets.

Love and Happiness

Love & Happiness

You can’t go wrong with a name like love and happiness. This subtle pink shade by Benjamin Moore is a bright and delicate shade of pink that will add a lovely pop of color to your kitchen. Pair it with gray and gold for a sophisticated modern look.

Sultan Sand

PPG1068-3 Sultan Sand

Sultan Sand by Glidden is a soft peachy beige that gives a tropical, sunshiny feel. This color is bright and warm without being too bold. It works great on walls and as an accent color. Pair it with more oranges and reds with blue accents for a Mediterranean feel or use it with shades of gray for a modern style.

Wrapping up Kitchen paint colors for 2022

A fresh coat of paint is the perfect way to update your kitchen without breaking the bank! Whether you do it yourself or hire a painter, you can make a big impact without spending a ton of money. With so many great colors to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect shade to match your own personal style and give your kitchen the exact look you want. Go grab some samples and see how they look in your space! To take the next steps, check out these articles for tips on painting yourself or for hiring a painter. Which color are you looking forward to trying in you kitchen?

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