Wall Painting Do’s and Don’ts

Part 1

There are a handful of reasons you may be thinking about painting your walls. These may range from selling your home, brightening up a room or maybe you even just bought a new home. Whether you plan on painting yourself or hiring a contractor, you want your home to look amazing when you are done. This article is meant for the Do It Yourself home owners out there who want great results with their painting project. Just a note, if you are thinking about hiring a contractor, Minneapolis Painting Company will make sure you receive an amazing paint job for an amazing price!

Don’t Use Fall For Gimmicks Such Edging Tools

Everyone want’s to be able to paint easier and faster and many of these tools promise just that. Problem is, they don’t deliver. I can promise you that almost all of these edging tools and cut in tools are a waste of time and money. They will give you an ok edge at best and are a paint to clean, so you will probably only get one use out of them.

Do Buy A Nice Paint Brush

PurdyInstead of using a gimmicky edging tool, use what a real professional painter would use, a high quality Purdy or Wooster paint brush. These brushes are made to last. If you take your time, you can cut in a near perfect line on trim or ceilings with these. They are also so much more useful, one high quality brush will server the same purpose as 4 different painting gimmicks. If kept clean a Wooster or Purdy brush should last you 10+ years. I have Purdy’s that I have been using almost daily for over 5 years.

Don’t Skimp On Your Brush, I just told you to buy a nice brush, I did not say to buy a cheap brush. Cheap brushes will loose their shape, not clean well, deliver poor results and need replacing soon. A good quality brush is always going to be $10-$18, anything less is cheap.


Don’t Skimp On Your Roller Pads Either

A cheap roller pad will shed lint all over in your paint. This will cause your wall to look terrible. A cheap pad will also make your painting take longer, leave a poor texture. A high quality roller will not shed in your paint, hold more paint between dipping, leave a great texture and help you paint faster. A good roller cover would be a Purdy White Dove Roller Cover. Look for a 1/2″ nap for best results.

Do Use An Extension Pole When Rolling Paint On Your Walls

I like to use a 2′-4′ extension pole when painting walls for a couple of reasons. First, an extension pole saves my body. When I paint with an extension pole my back stays in a upright position with my arms doing all of the work. Without an extention pole you must bend down and reach up on every stroke. This will take a toll on your body. Secondly, for the exact reasons I mentioned, an extension pole will help you to paint significantly faster.

Extension Pole

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  1. Hello! I wonder if I could show my nephew this article because he’s considering redecorating his apartment living room this fall. I like how you emphasized the importance of high-grade brushes in facilitating our painting work. Maybe he just needs to get some help from an expert painter afterward.

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