How to Make a Cheap Home Look Expensive

Just because you live in a double wide doesn’t mean your home has to look like trailer trash. There are plenty of ways to take cheap features on a home and make them look expensive. Whether you hire professionals to do the work for you or you do everything on your own, you can increase the aesthetic value of your home just by using the right techniques and materials. Lucky for you, we have some of those techniques listed below so you can make your home look as elegant as possible. Here are some tips to pump up the elitism of your home.

Add Crown Molding


Crown molding can be expensive, but it will instantly make your home look more valuable than it actually is. You might be able to craft your own molding if you have some carpentry skills, or you might be able to purchase used molding from a second-hand construction store. If you have a Habitat for Humanity store in your area, you should be able to find something there that will work for your home. That way you can get a great look without spending a ton of money.

Change the Light Fixtures

The lighting in your home makes a big statement for a room. If you have fancy lighting, people will assume you have a fancy home. That is just the way the mind works. If you cannot afford grandiose chandeliers and light fixtures, you may consider making something all your own. Hang some neutral Christmas ornaments from some chicken wire, and secure that over a plain globe light on the ceiling. Creative touches like this can instantly make your home look sophisticated and chic.

Use Quality Paint

A fresh coat of paint can make your home look new, especially if you choose a modern color palette. Try to stick with colors like beige, grey, light green, and maroon, as those tend to be popular among high-dollar homes. Avoid cheap paint that is going to flake off in a month. Make the investment into some really good paint, and then your home will shine in glory for years to come.

You shouldn’t be discouraged about your home’s appearance just because you have a minimal budget. Use the suggestions above as a starting point, and craft a design for your home that truly stands out from the rest. No one will ever know how much your home actually cost. With the right design eye, you can make them think it is worth double the value.

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