5 Room that Eggshell Paint is Perfect For

Eggshell Paint in BathroomEggshell Paint is a wonderful paint that gives just a little bit of sheen while at the same time not giving off to much of a shiny look. Eggshell paint has benefits over flat paint as well as gloss paint or semi-gloss paint.

The first benefit of eggshell paint is that is does not get dirty as easily as flat paint. If you saw a close up of eggshell paint compared to flat paint you would see that flat paint has sharp, jagged edges while eggshell paint has more rounded edges. This keeps dirt from embedding its self into the cracks of the paints.

The second benefit of eggshell paint is that it cleans easier than flat paint. This is for the same reasons that it stays cleaner than flat paint. The rounded edges create an easier to clean surface.

Eggshell paint also absorbs some of the light that hits it thus dulling the effect of direct sunlight into a room.

For the reasons above eggshell paint can be a great paint to use in any room of your home but it tends to be exceptionally useful in the following rooms:

The Bathroom

Eggshell paint is useful in bathrooms because walls  near toilets, sinks and showers tend to have lots of liquids splashed on them. Eggshell paint is more resistant to water damage and water stains than flat paints. If you don’t mind the shine, semi-gloss and gloss paint do this job even better, but are not popular choices due to more cosmetic reasons.

The Kitchen

Eggshell paint is popular in kitchens for the same reasons that it is popular in bathrooms. It is easier to clean than flat and kitchen walls tend to get dirtier than other rooms.

Kids Rooms

Eggshell walls in kids rooms wash easily. In our kids rooms we have had to wash off dirt, crayon, marker, food and more!

Work / Hobby Rooms / Laundry Rooms

Again, it is the moisture in these rooms that makes eggshell paint popular in these rooms.

Any Room with Little Light

Rooms with little natural sunlight can benefit from eggshell paints sheen. Eggshell reflects more light than flat paint and can help illuminate a room better than flat.

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