What Your Door Color Says about You

We all know that making a good first impression is crucial for any situation in life. What you might not know is that your front door could actually be saying a lot about you as a person and a homeowner. Whether you’re selecting a new color for your door or just curious about the one you have, you might be interested in the chart below. Let’s take a look at what your door color may be saying about you.

What Your Door Color Says about You 1

  • White: This shows that, well, you’re boring. You probably kept the door the same color it was at the store, and you never got around to putting your spin on it. There’s nothing wrong with this. You just won’t get a wowed reaction from the neighbors.
  • Beige: This shows that you are willing to let people in and that you have a warm personality. Most soft neutrals give off this impression.
  • Green: This shows that you are willing to use non-traditional neutrals, which means that you will step out of the box – just barely. Bright green might give off the impression that you are looking for attention, but soft green just shows that you have a calm household.
  • Red: This shows that you’re not afraid to command attention. Red is commonly associated with fiery attitude and lust. Your door may not be giving off that vibe exactly, but it will at least tell people that you’re willing to stand out on the street. You can determine if that’s a good thing.
  • Black: This shows that you’re a go-getter, someone willing to go against the grain to hit success. Black doors are just as neutral as white ones, but they give off a harsher tone. If you are looking for something to really make a statement, this might be perfect for you.

Think about all of this the next time you start making plans with a Minneapolis painting company. What kind of first impression are you giving off?

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