Home Decorating 101: Getting Your Home Ready for Summer

For most Americans, one of the most significant highlights of summer is the Fourth of July celebrations, so it’s common during the summer months for homeowners to decorate their homes simply by placing an American flag on their front porch, alongside other items that don the patriotic colors. While this is truly a symbolic gesture on the part of the homeowners, this is by no means the only way to decorate your home during summer. Summer decorating ideas are endless; all you have to do is look around at the various summer elements outside and use these to help you come up with a nice decorating theme for the rooms in your home.

Decorate with Flowers


Fresh flowers are always wonderful to use in any room of a house. During summer, you can use whatever flowers that are in bloom in your garden. But if you want your blooms to last much longer than just a day or two, you can also buy a few silk sunflowers and place these in attractive vases and baskets all throughout your home. The bright yellow petals of these blossoms are the perfect way to bring the summer sunshine to the interior of your home.

Decorate with Baskets

Many homeowners also like to use baskets of all sizes and types as part of their summer home decorating. The great thing about baskets is that they are not only ornamental but quite functional as well. For instance, you can use baskets to hold fresh fruits on the kitchen counter. You can also use them to contain potted indoor plants. You can even use them as a hamper in your bedroom or bathroom. Although baskets are best to use during the summer, you can also use them for other seasons simply by replacing the lining or adding some ornaments like ribbons to make them more suited to the current season.

Decorate the Patio

In many areas of the country, summer means warm nights that are good to spend outside on the patio or the front porch. This is why a lot of homeowners put special attention to these areas of the house when decorating for summer. If you plan on spending a lot of your summer evenings outside the house, it makes perfect sense to put up a number of decorations in these spots. Consider putting up a hammock in the patio or installing a small bar for when you decide to have friends over.

Decorate the Backyard

If you have kids, summer is the perfect time to build them a nice little tree house out in the backyard where they can spend the warm afternoons and evenings. This can still be considered part of home decorating, although this is obviously a larger project and is going to last not only for one summer but for many years. While you’re at it, you can also find a sturdy tree branch and put up a tire swing. This would add a lot of charm to your backyard and make the summer days a lot more fun for both kids and adults alike.

As you can see, it is very easy to find ideas for summer home decorating. Simply open up your mind, be creative, and have fun. After all, the best decorations are those that make you and your family happy and comfortable in your own home.

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