Preparing your Home for Exterior Painting

Minneapolis Exterior PaintingIn this article we are going to be outlining the steps you should take to prepare for painting the exterior of your home. Do these steps as you deem necessary depending on your individual situation.

Step 1

A clean surface is essential for paint adhesion. Using a pressure washer is really the best and most efficient way.  Select the proper detergent, and use caution when selecting the nozzle. A concentrated stream can damage wood, seep into the cracks of lapped siding, and break windows.

For surfaces that are not peeling or flaking, using just a regular garden hose and a scrub brush with Trisodium phosphate (TSP) will work. For mildew use a mixture of 1 part bleach and 3 parts water, remember to rinse the surface when finished, and let dry completely.

Step 2

If you see loose paint scrap it away. Use a wire brush and scrape the paint that is flaking. Scraping to bare wood is not necessay if the old pant is intact, in that case it can be painted over after sanding.

Step 3

Repair surface flaws with repair a compound rated for exterior usage. Follow directions on the package, and remember to sand the repaired surface after it dries.

Step 4

If you have old caulking that has failed it’s seal you will need to remove it and re-caulk the area. Check around door trim, windowsills, and any other areas that need to keep sealed with caulking. Remember to find a paintable exterior caulking for the job.

Step 5

Check the putty around windows and remove old putty that has deteriorated.  Re-putty the windows, and apply a new glazing. Let dry before painting.

Step 6

Protect your lawn, deck, flowerbeds, and anything around your home you don’t wish to be painted with a drop cloth. Gently tie up and cover your shrubs.

Step 7

Make sure to prime if you are painting a lighter color over a darker color, or if you have any bare wood, or any repairs you have made.

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