3 Interior Painting Ideas You Can Do In A Weekend

Painting is one of the simplest and most affordable ways to add character and style to your home. With a couple of simple tools, a small investment of time and a small investment into paint you can accomplish any of these simple Interior Painting Ideas in a short weekend.

Interior Painting Idea #1: Painting a Table and Chairs

  • Furniture PaintingTime Needed: 5-8 hours
  • Investment: > $100

One of our interior painting ideas is to paint either a new (from a garage sale or thrift store!) or existing table and chair set. This will quickly add new color to the room and can add loads of character to a dull dining room, living room or kitchen.
To complete this interior painting idea you will need to first sand down your table and chairs with 120 grit sanding paper. Next, prime the table and with a bonding primer. Wait for the primer to dry and sand with 150-200 grit sanding paper for a super smooth finish. Last you will be applying two coats of finish to your table and chairs. I prefer to use Benjamin Moore’s Satin Impervo for painting furniture due to its hard, smooth finish.

Interior Painting Idea #2: Paint a Mural on a Bedroom Wall

  • Mural PaintingTime Needed: 5-10 hours (or more if mural is complicated).
  • Investment: $20-$50 for craft paints and brushes.

Painting a bedroom mural can be a fun and rewarding Interior Painting Project. For this interior painting idea you will need to first determine what you are going to paint on your wall. Will it be an original piece of art or will you copy a pre-made photo or picture onto your wall. Kelly at Muddy Flowers just finished creating a kids bedroom mural recently and blogged about it. She plans on having and in depth tutorial up soon as well. This project is not only fun and rewarding, it is cheap as well.

Interior Painting Idea #3: Paint Your Ceiling

  • Ceiling PaintingTime Needed: 2-4 hours
  • Investment: $30-$50

This interior painting idea is a little out there, but can be really fun and make your house a unique destination. When painting a ceiling you will want to make sure to remove all furniture and tape off all walls or you WILL end up dripping paint onto your furniture and walls.
Finding a good ceiling color will probably be your hardest part. Most people are accustomed to white ceilings and want them to just blend in and not be noticed. A painted ceiling will definitely be notices so be prepared to make a statement.
Hopefully you found some inspiration from these three interior painting ideas and are ready to get to work on your own home right now! Good Luck!

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