Exterior Wall Paints – The 5 Best

Green Painted HouseIf you have ever painted the exterior of your home or a relative or friends, you know that you want to use the best exterior wall paint possible so that your next exterior painting encounter is as far off as possible.

With so many different paint brands saying that they have the best exterior wall paint available it can be hard to know what to believe and what will give you the best look and longest lasting exterior wall paint for your money.

Here are 5 Exterior Wall Paints that we have used and have had great success. We have ranked them based on looks, durability, price and ease of application to give you our favorites from #5 – #1.

Exterior Wall Paint #5

Duration from Sherwin Williams: $67.99

Duration is a phenomenal paint and could possibly be the best paint on this list, its downfall however is that it is an incredibly expensive paint at $67 for a gallon of flat paint.
Duration is excellent exterior wall paint and will give you a long lasting paint job, lifetime warranty and the application is incredibly smooth as it nearly covers perfectly in 1 coat.

Exterior Wall Paint #4

Aura Exterior from Benjamin Moore: $67.99

I really have the exact same opinion for the most part about Benjamin Moore’s top of the line exterior wall paint as I do about Sherwin Williams Duration. The one thing that separates them for me is that Aura is a lower VOC paint and I have found the colors to be truer, brighter and better covering.

Exterior Wall Paint #3

Ben Exterior from Benjamin Moore: $38.99

Ben Exterior wall pain is nearly every bit as good as Benjamin Moore’s top of the line Aura except that it is only covered with a 25 year warranty. In my book, 25 years will do just fine! For the price difference, this makes Ben a great exterior wall paint that is worth the investment.

Exterior Wall Paint #2

Valspar Duramax: $36.99

Valspar Duramax offers all of the benefits of Duration and Aura with its lifetime warranty, interlocking technology, wide range of colors, ease of use, mildew resistance and more. For $36.99 and a lifetime warranty, Duramax is a wonderful paint to work with.

Exterior Wall Paint #1

Behr Premium Plus: $25.99

Behr paints keep winning awards for best consumer choice for a reason; their exterior wall paints are top of the line at un-beatable prices. Their Premium Plus exterior paint boast a lifetime warranty, mildew resistance, interlocking technology and more for a price that rivals other brands entry level paints. The best part about Behr for me is that I have personally seen their warranty in action on my own home.

When Behr first released vinyl safe paint colors, I was one of the first to test it out. A couple weeks after painting the front of my vinyl home the temperature here hit 103 degrees and my siding all warped. Within 2 months I had brand new siding without having to pay $1. Behr stood behind their warrant and has since improved their vinyl safe technology.

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