What is the Best Exterior House Paint?

Dark Brown paint with White accents.
Dark Brown paint with White accents.

When getting ready to re-paint your home’s exterior you may have wondered what is the best exterior house paint? And for good reason. You are getting ready to invest a good deal of time and/or money into painting the exterior of your home and you need to know who has the best exterior house paint.

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So who’s paint will last the longest, who’s will not fade, who’s is the best deal?

I have used a lot of different exterior house paints in my years painting and have dealt with every painting issue imaginable. That being said, there are definitely different paint that will work best in different situations, but if you want to know a general best exterior house paint, here are my top four picks:

Duration Exterior Paint From Sherwin Williams

Any conversation trying to figure out the best exterior house paint needs to include Duration. Duration was the first paint to come out with a lifetime warranty, they were the first to offer a self-exterior paint and the first to offer cross linking technology.
That being said, Duration is only number four on my Best Exterior House Paint list for 2 reasons. First, it is very expensive at $68 a gallon for flat white. Painting a whole house with 2 coats of duration can easily cost $1400 for a standard 2000 square foot home. Second, even though it says lifetime warranty, Sherwin Williams is notorious for doing everything in their power to prove that the paint failure was not their fault and not payout to home owners.

Aura Exterior From Benjamin Moore

Aura Exterior (along with their interior paint by the same name) is in my top 3 Best Exterior House Paints. Benjamin Moore was smart and pretty much copied everything about Druation. The only thing that I have noticed as far as differences go, which is why it is one higher on my list, is that it seems to cover better in one coat. However, I only recommend going with one coat if you are painting your home the same color, just a fresh coat of paint.

Duramax From Valspar (Lowes)

Duramax is one of the Best Exterior House Paints because they offer all of the features that I mentioned above and one big benefit, price. Duramax has a lifetime warranty, self priming capabilities, interlocking technology and more but at a price point of $37 for a gallon of flat white. You will nearly cut your paint bill in half, then use that money and take your wife on a few fancy dates, between painting the house and multiple date nights you will be a hero!

Behr Premium Plus from Home Depot

Behr is just plain and simple a great value when searching for the Best Exterior House Paint for your money. Behr offers self priming, one coat coverage (on similar colors), interlocking technology, lifetime warranty at the price point of $27 for a gallon of flat white. The second reason Behr makes number one on my list is their commitment to their customers. Warranty issues with Behr have always been incredibly easy for me to deal with. With almost no questions asked, Behr will refund or fix the problem. There is a reason that Behr continually wins Consumer Choice awards every year.


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