What Does It Cost To Paint My House

New-HomeWhen planning for a painting job for the exterior of your home, start with estimating the exterior paint coverage. Whether you are planning to hire a contractor or do the painting yourself, estimating the paint coverage  will help you estimate the exterior house painting cost and plan out the exterior paint design. You don’t have to contact house painting contractors just to do this because there are exterior paint estimators and calculators all over the internet. You can even download apps for estimating the cost and coverage of your painting project.

Exterior House Painting Costs Can Vary

House painting contractors often give different estimates for the same exterior paint design. Their rates will depend on their work schedules, and on the paints they use. Plus they often have additional fees as well. It’s better that you already have a good idea about how much paint you will need and how much it will cost you, to prevent you from spending too much of your money. Don’t worry because it’s very easy to estimate the exterior paint coverage and cost.

The first step to estimating the exterior house painting cost is to measure the walls, windows and doors on your home’s exterior. Once you have your measurements, you can go to the internet and search for an exterior paint estimator or an exterior paint calculator. These tools will estimate how many gallons of paint you will need to complete the painting job. These will help you determine the cost of the painting project and decide which house painting contractor you want to hire, or if you want to do the painting yourself.

Your Design Affect Your Exterior House Painting Cost

Once you have figured out how much paint you need, you should then take your exterior design into consideration. How many colors does your design have? What colors will you use? Do you need to paint a dark color with a lighter one? What type of materials do you need to paint? These questions will help you choose the type and brand of paints you need. This will also determine the amount of coats you will need. Generally, the better the quality of the paint, the more expensive it will be. By this time, you should already have a budget in mind, so that deciding on the quality of the paint will not be troublesome.

If you decide to do the paint job yourself, remember that the exterior house painting cost isn’t limited to the amount of paint you will need. You will also need tools to complete the paint job. You might need rollers and brushers and you will also need to estimate how much they will cost you. You won’t have to worry about this if you hire house painting contractors, but keep in mind they also have a fee that you will need to pay.

Another factor that can affect the cost of a home exterior paint job is the condition of the walls of your house. How is the condition of the existing paint? Is it cracking, peeling or bubbling? Is there mildew, moss or molds growing on the walls?  If your wall is not in a good condition, you might need to do some repair or prep work. Scraping off old paint, caulking gaps and cracks and priming wood for repairs will also cost you money. Don’t forget to include and prep or repair requirement in your estimate.

There may be a lot of factors that you need to consider in estimating your exterior house painting cost, but don’t worry because it can be done. Just start with estimating the exterior paint coverage with an exterior paint estimator and you’re already halfway there.

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  1. Your statement that home painting specialists frequently provide varying quotes for the same exterior paint scheme caught my attention. Both their work schedules and the paints they employ will affect their charges. My husband will find this to be helpful as he has been planning to repaint our interior to give it a more vivid appearance. I appreciate your writing, and I’ll make sure he selects a professional home painter who can provide him with a competitive quotation.

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