How to Find a House Painting Contractor

Painting-Brush-and-BucketAfter considerable thought, you’ve decided that painting your house is something you want done.  The lingering question, however, is how to go about doing it.  The truth of the matter is that it takes quite a bit of work and experience to properly paint a house.  Unless you have knowledge of exterior painting, your best option is to hire a house painting contractor to do the job.

That said, you don’t want to hire just anybody to paint your home.  Obviously, you want to hire someone that can provide a quality job that meets your requirements.  So with a few helpful tips, you can confidently find a good house painting contractor.

Do Your Homework on the Painting Contractors

The first thing that you will want to do is see what is available in your area. The best place to start is to do a Google search for the type of painting you are looking for plus your city and state. Choose a number of contractors that look promising and prepare to give them a call.

Now, there are a few things that you want to find out when you communicate with a potential house painting contractor.  Asking the right questions and obtaining the correct information is vital if you want to choose the best person for painting your house.  You will want to manage your house painting costs, so you will need to get a pricing estimate.  Next, you will want to ascertain the amount of experience the contractor has; how long have they been in business & have they done a lot of the type of work your asking them to do.  Finally, you will want to get references – at least three.

Evaluate The House Painters References

Information regarding house painting costs and work experience will help you weed the contractors down to a manageable number to investigate.  The key for evaluating a house painting contractor is the references.  This is where the real work comes in.  You need to call each reference and find out at least the following:

  1. Did the contractor do a quality job that the reference was satisfied with?  Believe me, if a contractor performed badly, you will be told.
  2. Did the contractor perform the job in a timely manner and within the specifications requested?  You are not interested in half completed jobs, additional house painting costs, and an inability to complete the project on schedule.
  3. Did the contractor provide a warranty of some kind?  If a contractor is willing to stand behind their work in painting your house, they probably pride themselves on providing quality service.

Appraise The Painting Contractors Former Work

If you are satisfied with the answers that your references provide, then go check out the work yourself.  While it’s great to hear other customers provide glowing reviews, it doesn’t replace seeing it with your own eyes.  Only then, after you have evaluated all of the foregoing and the house painting contractor passes with flying colors (no pun intended), should you consider hiring their services.  For certain, due diligence on your part will go a long way to being satisfied with painting your house.

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